July 29, 2015

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i'am a four digit numeral between 3000 and 4000.My ones digit is 2 greater than my thousands digit. the two digits are the same. If the sum of my digit is, 20, what number am i in roman numeral?
November 7, 2012

what is the smallest and largest whole number that rounds off to 220?
September 3, 2012

i the numeral 57,850 how many times greater is the value of the digit 5 in the ten thousands place than the digit 5 in the tens place?
July 10, 2012

width=16.9981 length=22.7084
March 19, 2012

the problem dosent say it has a radius of .20 m
May 28, 2009

A cord connected at one end to a block which can slide on an inclined plane has its other end wrapped around a cylinder resting in a depression at the top of the plane as shown in the figure (Intro 1 figure) . Determine the speed of the block after it has traveled 1.80 m along...
May 28, 2009

Labor Economics
What is the effect of an increase in the price of market goods on a worker's reservation wage, probability of entering the labour force, and hours of work? THanks for the help
September 13, 2008

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