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solid mechanics
At a point in a strained material the principal stresses are 60MPa and 40Mpa. Find the position of the plane across which the resultant stress is most inclined to the normal and determine the value of this stress. (Ans:50degree45' with the major principal plane )

solid mechanics
Q.1 The normal stresses at a certain point in a body are 80MPa tension and 50Mpa compression. There are also shear stresses across the plane of tension and compression equal to 30MPa.Calculate the maximum direct stress and maximum shear stress in the material. (Ans:86.6 MPa,71...


if in a triangle ABC m angle A=π/2, then value of cos2 A + cos2 B + cos2 C =?

College Physics
A 30.0 m steel wire and a 22.0 m copper wire, both with 1.00 mm diameters, are connected end to end and stretched to a tension of 170 N. How long does it take a transverse wave to travel the entire length of the two wires? (Take the mass per unit length of the wires to be 7.00...

College Physics
A 1.70 kg object attached to a spring moves without friction and is driven by an external force given by F = (3.00 N) sin(2πt). (a) If the force constant of the spring is 20.0 N/m, determine the period. _____s For this one I tried 2*pi*sqrt(1.7/20) but it said my answer d...

College Physics
A 22 turn circular coil of radius 5.00 cm and resistance 1.00 is placed in a magnetic field directed perpendicular to the plane of the coil. The magnitude of the magnetic field varies in time according to the expression B = 0.0100t + 0.0400t2, where t is in seconds and B is in...

College Physics
I am still not understanding it the way you explained it but your answer was correct.

College Physics
A proton moves with a velocity of vector v = (6ihat - 1jhat + khat) m/s in a region in which the magnetic field is vector B = (ihat + 2jhat - 3khat) T. What is the magnitude of the magnetic force this charge experiences? answer in Newtons. I tried F=qvb but the vectors are jus...

College Physics
A 1.00 g lead bullet at 28.0°C is fired at a speed of 230 m/s into a large block of ice at 0°C, in which it becomes embedded. What quantity of ice melts? Can someone walk me through this step by step?

The Frayed Nerves Anxiety Scale (FNAS) is used to measure the anxiety level of people on a scale from 0 to 1000. Four students were randomly chosen and given the FNAS before their second exam. Their scores were 700, 653, 740, and 707. The standard deviation sigma of the test i...

the moon is 4*8 m away from the earth Aradar signal transmitted from the earth .How much will it take to reach the moon?

what fraction of aright angle is 18

5th grade
chair is to table as stool is to... hurry is to run as stroll is to... corner is to walls as ______ is to bones top is to roof as bottom is to _____ Snow is to white as sea is to _______ cocoon is to butterflies as seed is to _______. Chair is to sit as sofa is to ______ Head ...

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