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How do you tell time in Spanish. son las 5 ye 2 en canada!no se como pero en todo lugar es different! yo so que no puedo escribe muy bein en espanol pero me gusta! adios! Dios te bendiga! Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Divide the clock in half and use &quo...

Maths (Simultaneous equations)
You know f(x)= ax² + bx + c. Well when you get the equations why is it always like: 1) a + b + c = something 2) 4a + 2b + c = something 3) 9a + 3b + c = something I mean why is the first one always 'a+b+c'? etc. Also does it have to be f(x) or can it be f(n) inste...

life skills
how do you make a good mission stement essay? Generally, a good mission statement will follow the outline below: 1. Who are you? 2. What do you do? 3. Why do you do it? 4. What is your promise? 5. Why is that your promise? 6. How will you fulfill your promises and expectations...

Wow. Here it is 2009 and this thread is still going. I did the same google search and found this thread. Unbelievable. That IAT was dumb.

home economics
By cooking with steam intead of frying baking may also woork on the oven

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