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i've got a question i need help on i've got to use braces, an ellipis, and digits to illustrate the set of negative odd numbers whats that suppose to mean

okay so i divided each side by 7 heres what i came up with 52/7 = 7R3 7/7=1 so would i take the answer from those and multiply to get my answer

i've got a problem i need help on its 52 * 7 = 7m i need to know which property to use to find the missing number

edwardo owned 6/7 of a family business. He sold 1/5 of the business to his son. What portion of the business does he still own/

i've got a question does anyone know what a concept map is?

i've got a question that i need help on what problems could occur if scientists didn't communicate the results of their investigations

question how would you subtract 1987 - 2014 = the answer i got is -27 or do i switch it

would it be equal

I've got a problem i need help on i need to find the proper comparison symbol the problem is xy yx

I've got a problem i need help on. i've got to use digits and other symbols to write the product of 5 and 2 is greater than the sum of 5 and 2 here is what i came up with (5*2) (5+2) i'm not sure what to do next

ap english
in slaughterhouse 5 what is the resolution of Billy being shot before he masters his fate?

i've got a question in my math its wanting to know why is the 1 called the multiplicative identity

I've got a problem i'm suppose to use number 3 and 4 to illustrate the communtative property of multiplication using a dot to indicate multiplication so would i write it like this 4*3 or 3*4

I've got a question i've got to use one of these words and, or, but, or nor to make the sentence flow smoothly Then Louise snagged the ball. She tied the score I thought about putting and in between ball and she would that sound right

i've got another problem the question is which counting numbers are also whole numbers i read this part in my book (the set of whole numbers does not include any numbers less then zero) so would it mean the numbers 1- 9 that are the whole numbers

i've got a problem the question is what is another name for counting numbers

heres what i came up with (6*6)+(6/6)= would that be the way to write it

i've got another problem my problem is when the product of 6 and 6 is divided by the sum of 6 and 6 what is the quotient would i have to divide first

got a question my problem is when the sum of 5 and 6 is subtracted from the product of 5 and 6, what is the difference would i have to divide or subtract

I need help with this one O/Ph. D. M. D. D.O

has anyone ever done the Thinkers worksheet before..if so where can i get all the answers

The word "can" is used to refer to?

irrational numbers?!
Is √4 Irrational?

Which of the following ordered pairs is a solution of the given system of linear equation of -5x+4y=9 x-4y=11 A. (–4, –5) B. (5, –4) C. (4, 5) D. (–5, –4)

How many grams of KNO3 will dissolve in 100 g of hot water (100°C)?

camilla worked 71 hours in july how many minutes did camilla work in july

Pre Cal
Been trying to solve this equation and I keep getting 3...any advice would be appreciated log2 (x+5)=4+log2 (x-1)

Exponential Equations
HOw would you solve this equation 5^x+6=4 Correct me if I'm wrong so far.. x+6 ln5=4 Divide by x+6..which would be ln5=4/x+6...then what??

Algebra II
Find the accumulated value of an investment of $3000 at 9% compounded continuously for 3 years. Isn't the formula 3000e(0.09)x(3)??..which would be $2,201.81...but its wrong?!!..any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

adult education
The reason that individual states have specific licensing requirements for child care facilities is to? A.limit the total number of child care facilities. B.guarantee quailty child care. C.protect the health, safely, and welfare of children. D.encourage public school systems t...

Create a timeline for the years 1780 to 1850. On the timeline, address the changes in political parties, the significant events that marked the growth of democracy,

10th grade math
(4x^4-3x^3-x+3) + (2x^3 + 3x - 4)

A straight trail with a uniform inclination of 17deg leads from a lodge to an elevation of 900 feet to a mountain lake at a elevation of 5500 ft. what is the length of the trail? (im soo stuck on this problem)

8th grade MATH
I MEAN 180

8th grade MATH

8th grade MATH

ratios- which pairs could form a proportion? 1. 10/24, 7/18 2. 6/9,10/15, 3. 3/4, 18/24 also g/5 = 6/10 solve

Use fundamental Identities to find the exact value of the expression. Do not use a calculator. Sin² 65° + cos² 65°=??.. How would I attempt to solve this problem??

If sine of an angle is ¼ and cosine of an angle is 15/4.. find cosecant.

What are organisms that return nutrients to the food chain

social civics
During the early part of the 19th century how were trade unions viewed in the united states and england? the were considered to be?

math- need now
solve the equation by expressing each side as a power of the same base and then equating exponents 3125^x=1/square root 5

SS for 7th grade
What is to murder someone who is well-known or important?

social studies
i need to find out two strenghs and weakness of the continental army

How do gazelles sleep and when? And what do they do during the night?

6th grade math
5 hours

find y so that the distance between the points is 8: (0,0) (3,y)

find the intercepts: y=7x+5, y=(x+4)(x-5), y=xsquared+x-2, y=xcubed-16x


The question is asking what is unique about the ORIGIN of placenta, that to me points to C because that is the answer that relates to the origins of the placenta in development

whats is produced Nickel + Copper(II) Chloride

How do you solve multipling and divding numbers in scientific notation

Suppose a large atom bonds with a small atom. Predict whether the properties of the new molecule will be the same as the large atom, the same as the small atom, or different from both atoms.

After the death of Curly in The Call of the Wild, Buck concludes that no fair play exists in his world and that he will never go down in a fight. The theme illustrated here is apparently derived from London's interpretation of

Thank you so much! Entirely out of curiosity, how many languages do you speak?

Have a safe and happy Halloween :)

english 1
why does aunt alexander thank miss maudie with her eyes

Criminal Justice
This is the whole homework assignment. I am in the class that requires for the final. you really should do your own work instead of expecting others to do it for you!

freazer school
my mom give me 5 dollar . then i spent 2 dollar now how much i have?

American History
compare the colonial empires of spain,france and england in terms of their settlements, economic structure and political control.

6th grade com arts

2nd grade

11th grade physics
A tank of helium gas used to inflate toy balloons is at a pressure of 15.5 X 10^6 and a temperature of 293 K. The tank's volume is 0.020m^3. How large a balloon would it fill at 1.00 atmosphere and 323 K?

Math: 4th grade
thank you so much

Math: 4th grade
I have problems with expressions.. Susan had 24 stamps. She used some to mail letters.. What expression could I write for that? Also.. Nancy had 23 books. Her dad bought some books annd gave Nancy all but 3 of them.

Physical Chemistry1
One mole of an ideal monatomic gas at 300 K and 1 atm is compressed adiabatically by application of a constant external pressure of 25 atm until mechanical equiliibrium is achieved. Calculate the final temperature of the gas, as well as q, w, deltaU and deltaH for this process.

Physical Chemistry2
One mole of a van der Waals gas with a=15.0 l^2 atm mol^−2 and b=0.015 l mol^−1 is expanded reversibly and isothermally from 1 atm to 0.5 atm at a temperature of 300 K. Calculate w for this process, and compare it with that required to expand an ideal gas between t...

Physical Chemistry4
A 3 mg sample of an unknown ideal gas is subjected to an adiabatic and mechanically reversible expansion from an initial pressure of 2 atmospheres to a final pressure of 300 torr. Given that gamma for the gas is 1.532 and that the temperature drop achieved in the expansion is ...

Physical Chemistry3
The specific volume of water is given quite accurately by the empirical relation ln(v) = −6.7081 + 1.01257 ln(T) + 280.663/T Use this relation to derive an equation for the coefficient of thermal expansion and determine the temperature at which this quantity is equ...

Physical Chemistry3
The specific volume of water is given quite accurately by the empirical relation ln(v) = −6.7081 + 1.01257 ln(T) + 280.663/T Use this relation to derive an equation for the coefficient of thermal expansion and determine the temperature at which this quantity is equ...

Physical Chemistry
A 3 mg sample of an unknown ideal gas is subjected to an adiabatic and mechanically reversible expansion from an initial pressure of 2 atmospheres to a final pressure of 300 torr. Given that gamma for the gas is 1.532 and that the temperature drop achieved in the expansion is ...

You have been appointed by the new executive director to chair a committee of agency administrators charged with (1) conducting an inventory of the agency’s various services and activities, (2) recommending a program structure, and (3) recommending responsibility center d...

AP US History
Analyze the extent to which the American Revolution represented a radical alteration in American political ideas and institutions. Confine your answer to the period 1775 to 1800.

A comic book was purchased for 10 cents in 1948 and is now worth $55 today. What has been the average annual compound rate of return on this item? I tried to use the formula R=[(y/x)^(1/n)]-1 and I come up with a negative answer. Please help!

11th grade
where can i find a simple map of the original 13 colonies showing french and spanish territories

why is the mean of a set of data sometimes a number not included in the set of data

algebra 1
Cesar threw a 3 on the number cube and moved forward three spaces. He landed on a space that said:"Take a card." The card said:"Go back 5 spaces." Where is Cesar in relation to his starting position before he rolled the number cube?

use a calculator to find the decimal form of the rational number. if it is a nonterminating decimal, write the repeating pattern.

read page 511 of your understanding computers

Still lost. How do you convert mols NO to mols O2?

4 NH3 + 5 O2 --> 4 NO + 6 H2O. How many grams of O2 are required to product 90 g of NO? Please assist in solving.

I solved it now. Thanks

Magnesium nitride can be produced by passing nitrogen gas over magnesium metal. 3Mg+N2 --> Mg3N2 IF 28.8g of Mg are mixed with 21g of N2 and allowed to react, which is the limiting reagent?

which choice does NOT accuartely complete the sentence the judiciary act of 1789 A. appointed the first chief justice B. created federal circuit and federal districat courts C. helped federal laws remain "the supreme Law of the Land" D. provided for the number of jus...

Is the sonata-allegro form still being used today?

This question is about the book "The Importance of Being Earnest". Gwendolen’s father, Lord Bracknell, never appears in the play, yet Lady Bracknell mentions him often. What picture of his life and marriage do we get from the things she and Gwendolen say about h...

A solution of potassium chloride has a pH of 7.81.What is the [OH-] in mol/L ? Can you please show steps I would appreciate it very much. Thank you

It’s been two months since you took a position as an assistant financial analyst at Caledonia Products. Although your boss has been pleased with your work, he is still a bit hesitant about unleashing you without supervision. Your next assignment involves both the calculat...

medical records
please check my answer thanks you very much A medical should be completed within how many days after a pt is discharged A 30 B 35 C 60 D 15 E none of the above I picked D

please check my answer According to JCAHO standards, the delinquency rate for incomplete medical records should be no greater than 20% I said True

what happens to the three men that Odysseus sends to scout out the land?


At Kinko's, Sean made 56 copies costing $16. Color copies cost $0.75 each and black and white copies cost $0.10 each. How many copies of each did Sean make? Thanks!!

can you help me with my math factoization

divide: (39w+ 14 + 10w squared) / 72+ w =]

how many chromosomes do bacteria have?

am writting about the evolution of our understanding of DNA as genetic material. suggest good website so that i can read more. thanks

what is the role glutamate

what is the role glutamate in memory

Honors Eng. 10
Beowulf~ How are the religious beliefs of the Germanic tribes evident in Beowulf. How does Beowulf demostrate comitatus and wanderlust. Is Beowulf the ultimate representation of good, and is Grendel the ultimate representation of evil. What are Beowulf's Christian and Paga...

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