March 25, 2017

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Thank you! i have spent an hour on that question. Which equation was that? s=ut+at^2/2 ?
May 17, 2012

At an instant, Runner 'A' runs at 6m/s with an acceleration of 2m/s^2. Runner 'B' runs at 5m/s with an acceleration of 4m/s^2, and the former (Runner A) is 2 metres ahead of the latter (runner B). How long does it take for Runner B to catch up with runner A?
May 17, 2012

it binds Thymine in DNA and Uracil in RNA
May 16, 2012

1. risk factors for PE and how they can be managed 2. how a thrombus is formed on a cellular level and its potential for propagation 3. how deep venous thrombus differs from a pulmonary embolus etc
May 13, 2012

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