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A dog is attached to a 21?-foot rope fastened to the outside corner of a? fenced-in garden that measures 18 feet by 22 feet. Assuming that the dog cannot enter the? garden, compute the exact area that the dog can wander. I'm confused as to how they want me to solve this. I...

If you could throw a snowball so that it travels at 75 centimeters a second, how long will it take to hit the target that it is 15 meters away?

There are 2 loaves of bread and 1/4 of each bread is served to 6 students? How many many are served to each student?

4th grade math
choose the number that has the digit 5 with a value that is 10 times less than the value f the digit 5 in this number: 54,271

LA walk two moons
Bella is right 100% 3/3

plz check on math 6th grade
1.C 2.A 3.B 4.C 5.B 100%

language arts
Its right!!!!!! 100%

which lines are parallel y=6;y=6x+5;y=6x-7;y=-8

A car traveled at a constant speed for 4 hours and covered 144.6 miles. It used 12 gallons of gas to travel this distance. How far did the car go in 1 hour? How far did the car travel on 1 gallon of gas?

6th Grade Social Studies
Thank you so much 100% 4/4

Each student says one number, so the answer is 21. 5+4=9 1st person 9-1=8 8+4=12 12-1=11 11+4=15 15-1=14

did you get these correct and was 16 stop or reverse

It is definitely A

33 ostriches and 14 llamas

Good day please help.Iam struggling with number patterns,i must fid the rule and also give the nextthree numbers in the sequence. 31;30;27,22;15

Algebra 2
Please can someone help me with these last few questions on my homework? You don't have to give an answer because I would very much like to know how to do them? An open box is formed by cutting squares with side lengths of 3 inches from each corner of a square piece of ...

If you go to connections academy Its abdd 100%



i want to know why

help please!: (sinx + sin2x +sin3x) / (cosx + cos2x + cos3x) = tan2x

social studies
were longhouses mobile

A 25.00 mL solution of potassium nitrate (KNO3) was diluted to 125.0 mL, and 25.00 mL of this solution were then diluted to 1.000 103 mL. The concentration of the final solution is 0.00421 M. Calculate the concentration of the original solution.

greek philosophy and history
the answer is easy just look it up

How do you show the distributive property for 12 x 468

social studies
the Spanish hoped to start missions and have wealth.

social studies


Write a word using capital letters. Your word needs to have 5 acute,2obtuse, and 5 right angles

Solve The Equation 3/y+2 over 7/y-4

General Question About School
No, the work is not over spring break. It was this week (we don't get spring break until Friday). We are, however, getting new assignments for spring break. But thanks for your help.

General Question About School
My one teacher gave us six assignments two nights ago, in addition to two long term assignments. I have several other classes besides this one, and teachers generally give no more than two assignments at once. It is impossible to complete all of the work and to do a good job ...

i just wanna be apart of history...

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