May 30, 2016

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In the figure, square WXYZ has a diagonal of 12 units. Point A is a midpoint of segment WX, segment AB is perpendicular to segment AC and AB = AC. What is the length of segment BC?
November 15, 2015

Consider the problem of a rational consumer with an experienced utility function given by 10√x+m. Let q denote the market price of good x. What is the expression for the consumer surplus if the consumer receives a total cash rebate of q√x when he buys x units of ...
January 26, 2015

When Nikita sold her old two wheeler vehicle she got Rs 17150 after paying her agent 2% commission. What is the selling price of the vehicle.
January 23, 2015

a two digit 3more than 4 times the sum of its digit if 18 idded to the no.are reversed .find the no
May 25, 2014

chemistry project please help really need it
help me out in choosing a topic for my project it should be anyhow related to chemistry help me please
May 23, 2013

what is the normality and nature of the mixture obtained by mixing 0.62 gram of na2co3.h2o to 100 ml of 0.1N h2so4
May 18, 2013

3 identical charges each having charge 10 coulomb are placed at the corners of an equilateral triangle of side 20cm find the electric field at the centre of triangle
April 16, 2013

i think it must be D mere gossip
April 16, 2013

Calculate the heat of solution of LiOH if addition of 25.0g of LiOH causes the temperature of 120.0ml of water to rise from 20.0 celcius to 29.0 celcius.
January 25, 2013

mean = 60 wpm standard deviation= 15 wpm a.What is the probability that a randomly selected typist's net rate is at most 60 wpm? less than 60 wpm? b. What is the probability that a randomly selected is between 45 and 90 wpm?
June 24, 2011

A piece of wire when bent in the form of square encloses an area of 484cm if the same wire is bent in the form of circle area enclosed by it would be
May 4, 2011

algebra 2
November 27, 2010

3rd grade
Elocution on topic 'An imaginary trip to the moon' Where I can find the same?
October 8, 2010

Plz help me find these words for puzzle. the questions are related to bacteria. 1. Ability of pathogen to kill (8 letters) 2. Ability of an organism to cause disease (8 letters) 3. One of the conditions for bacterial growth (8 letters) 4. Cells with no double membraned ...
February 11, 2010

World His
What are some of the reasons for the differences and similarities between Mesopotamia and egypt ?
February 10, 2010

2nd grade english
November 24, 2008

hi people actually i need 2 do a project on sociology for 20 marks n i cant decide which on a topic ca u all plz help n v also need 2 have a survey or 30-40 interviews plz plz plz plz help its urgent It would really help us teachers if you would write in standard English so we...
August 13, 2007

The lord of the flies-English
As one of the two smallest littleuns, Percival's ability to recite his name and address as he has been taught is a sign of the morals and civilized manners ingrained in him by nurturing in his...
November 21, 2006

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