March 30, 2017

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Find the ratio of the volume of two cubes whose sides are 2.6 cm and 3.4cm
May 28, 2016

jay kay public
Consider a planet in space whose mass is twice that of earth and radius is thrice that of earth what will be the weight of a body on this planet if its weight on the earth is 900N ??
December 8, 2015

The liquid bromoethane has a density of 1.46 g/mL at 20 °C. If a sample of this liquid at 20 °C has a volume of 59.9 mL, how many grams of liquid are there in the sample
September 1, 2014

How far would a car of 126 horse power have gone when it attains a speed of 70 km/hour going up the hill with 15 degrees incline. Total weight of the car is 1338 kg
January 22, 2014

calculate the de broglie wavelength of He atom at 27 degree celsius & v=2.4*1000
July 7, 2013

Lines L1 and L2 intersect at O. A and C are points on L1 such that OA=11,OC=9. B and D are points on L2 such that OB=3,OD=22. What is the ratio [OCD]/[OAB]?
June 20, 2013

Let f(n)=1/√1+√2+1/√2+√3+1/√3+√4…1/√n+√n+1. For how many positive integers n, in the range 1≤n≤1000, is f(n) an integer?
June 20, 2013

What is the sum of all 2-digit positive numbers whose digits are either 1, 2, 3 or 4?
June 19, 2013

What is the sum of all possible positive integer values of n, such that n^2+19n+130 is a perfect square?
June 19, 2013

How many positive integers less than 1000000 have the sum of their digits equal to 7?
June 19, 2013

the displacement-time graph of two bodies P and Q are straight lines making angles 30° and 60° respectively with time axis .Calculate the ratio of velocities P and Q
August 31, 2012

Jose was playing a game with marbles.In the first round ,he lost 1/4 of his marbles.In the Second round,he lost 1/3 of his remaining marbles.In the third round,he lost 1/2 of his remaining marbles.He gave 1 marbles to his friend shavana.He had 1 marble left. How many marbles ...
March 3, 2012

Well it goes like this : sinA/1-cosA + 1-cosA/sinA = sin^2A + (1-cosA)^2/(1-cosA)sinA (cross multiplying) = sin^2A + cos^2A + 1 - 2cosA/(1-cosA)sinA = 1 + 1 - 2cosA/(1-cosA)sinA (sin^2A + cos^2A =1) = 2 - 2cosA/(1-cosA)sinA = 2 (1-cosA)/(1-cosA)sinA = 2/sinA
November 12, 2011

This question is wrong
January 15, 2011

Suppose That A Scientific Breakthrough Leads To The Discovery Of A New Cheap Source Of Energy. What Would Be The Effect Of This Invention In The Short-Run And In The Long-Run?
February 18, 2010

Algebra (factoring)
Factor Completely: 1000p^3 - 1 help please
March 16, 2009

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