March 27, 2017

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In how many words can a committee of 5 people be chosen out of 8 people
March 29, 2016

Social studies
January 18, 2016

A black and tackle with a velocity ratio of 5 is used to raise a mass of 25kg through a vertical distance of 40cm at a steady rate.if the effort is equal to 60N, determine a. The distance moved by the effort b. The work done by the effort in lifting the load
March 7, 2015

m1=22kg u1=5m/s m2=500g=0.5kg u2=0m/s v=v1+v2m/s m1u1+m2u2=m1v+m2v m1u1+m2u2=v(m1+m2) 22*5*0.5*0=v(22+0.5) 110=22+0.5v v=110/22.5=4.888888 v=4.9m/s
February 11, 2014

state the laws of refraction of light
April 11, 2013

Square root of xandy
March 13, 2013

English languege
What is antonym of sharp
January 16, 2013

A uniform meter rule of mass 100g balance at a 40cm mark when a mass x is placed at the 10cm mark.What is x?
February 19, 2012

how can we avoid indoctrination in teaching.
September 30, 2009

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