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I just need to get the formulas for these percent problems: 1. 76 is 80 % of what #? 2. 85 is what percent of 200? 3. what % of 75 is 40? Thanks!

6th grade math
thank you ms. sue-i am the mom and could not figure the formula out!

6th grade math
if a shirt is 45 % off and the sale price is 114.95-what is the original cost? please help me with this formula

3rd Grade Math
The answer is "7x9". Because the array of 2x9: ••••••••• ••••••••• And the array of 5x9: ••••••••• •••••&#...

I need to find a way to measure protein concentration. It's for part of my infection and immunity lab report. We've done about radial immunodiffusion calculating the concentration of bovine serum albumin in unknown samples, and the last question is: What other ...

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