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English 2
Is this correct? To Whom It May Concern, In regards to the Memorial Day fiasco aboard you cruise ship, Star Princess. We would like to offer our sincere apology for our part in the mishap. While we do not plan on taking legal action against you or the Moroccan authorities, we ...

Algebra 2
Simplify it

Algebra 2
4t^2-4/9(t+1)^2 * 3t+3/2t-2

A tuning fork of frequency 500 Hz is rotating on the edge of a disk of radius 1.2 meters. a) If the disk turns at a rate of 40 rev/min, what are the maximum and minimum frequencies heard by the listener? b) To what positions of the tuning fork do these frequencies correspond?

Microsoft Excel
I need help with advance excel homework anyone online now that can help?

a women is 150 cm tall and she casts a shadow 3 m long. the shadow of a telephone pole is 30 m long. how tall is the telephone pole?

Use the figure below to answer questions 8-10. Point B is the midpoint of Segment A C.. A line segment with three points on it. From left to right, the points are labeled A, B, and C. 8. a. Find x if AB = 4x and BC = 2x + 10. b. Use the answer for x to find the values of AB an...

Use the method of divding and multiplaction. take 3,750 and divide that by 3 then take your answer from that and multiply that by 2 and you will get your answer!!

A ball is thrown upward from a platform 5.6 m high with a speed of 18 m/s at an angle of 35 o from the horizontal. What is the magnitude of its velocity when it hits the ground?

8H MAth

8th grade math
thank you!

Students, I have checked your work What is the pronoun and what is the antacedent

need help

How do you do 3 mutilplucation?????????????????????????? 3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33,36 3*1=3 see the pattern? 3*2=6 by the way, * = times 3*3=9 3*4=12

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