September 4, 2015

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What is the surface area of a pyramid whose base is a square with sides measuring 15 yards and with a slant height of 18 yards? 15*18=270*3=810 Determining the volume of a cone to the nearest tenth, if the diameter of the base is 50.8 cm and the cone is 76.2 cm tall. .3x50....
May 16, 2015

I need help correcting my math homework. I have been out sick and was told that I have to have it done by monday and I missed alot. I don't know how to do this. It's surface areas and volume and solids and triangle and prisms.
May 16, 2015

1. A car is coasting backwards downhill at a speed of 3.0 m/s when the driver gets the engine started. After 2.5 s, the car is moving uphill at 4.5 m/s. Assuming that uphill is positive direction, what is the car’s average acceleration?
June 7, 2013

Here s a second one TWO and TO
February 20, 2013

February 4, 2013

Algebra 2
2- n=t^ ---> √n=t 2t+3=t^ t^-2t-3 D=4-(4*(-3))=16 t1=(-(-2)+√D)\2 t1=2+4\2 3 t2=(-(-2)-√D)\2 t2=-1 n=3 n=1 is not correct that √-1 is not true
September 18, 2012

can yu help me thanks in advanec. imageshack . us /photo/ my-images//593/questionpb.png/
September 18, 2012

Due to its remote,mountainous location and the way of life of its people, Albania has often?
June 21, 2012

Chem-Ionic & Net equations
When the following solutions are mixed together, FeSO4 (aq) + Csl (aq): What is the balanced equation? What is the complete ionic equation? What is the net ionic equation? I don't know how to balance these problems, can someone please show me how to solve this?
April 13, 2012

Desperate to understand ionic/net equa.-Chemistry
When the following solutions are mixed together, FeSO4 (aq) + Csl (aq): What precipitate if any will form, Write the balanced equation, write the complete ionic equation and write the net ionic equation?
April 13, 2012

Organizational Behavior
September 19, 2010

Lattice Energy
BaO, SrO, KCl, NaF
December 5, 2009

Science and acrostic poems
i need an acrostic poem om speed
May 27, 2008

Why does the blood go from the lungs to pick up oxygen and then return back to the heart to be pumped around the body ? Why can't it just get out of the lungs from the first pump and then pick up an artery and go around of the body instead of returning ?
March 17, 2008

2(n-5) = 4 (n+2) Solve the equation is the answer -0.3 ? 2(n-5) = 4 (n+2) Solve the equation is the answer -0.3 ? If the intent of 4 (n + 2) is 4 times (n + 2), Expanding, 2n - 10 = 4n + 8 Therefore, 2n = -18 making n = -9. If the intent of 4 (n + 2) is 4 + (n + 2), n = -9 If ...
April 14, 2007

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