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A block of ice of mass m rests on the very top of a smooth metal hemishpere. The tiniest nudge sends it sliding down the side of the hemisphere. The acceleration of gravity is g and the radius of the hemisphere is R. At what angle, with respect to the vertical, does the block ...

University Physics
Betty Bodycheck (mB = 60.3 kg, vB = 22.0 km/h in the positive x-direction) and Sally Slasher (mS = 44.5 kg, vS = 28.0 km/h in the positive y-direction) are both racing to get to a hockey puck. Immediately after the collision, Betty is heading in a direction that is 76.0° c...

For the sequence below, determine whether they converge or not, and find the limit when the sequence converges. an=4^n/n! an=nsin(1/n)

Evaluate limit L'Hospitals Rule: lim x->0+ (x)^(pi/2)

What is the probability of obtaining exactly two heads in three flips of a coin, given that at least one is a head?

What is the probability of obtaining exactly two heads in three flips of a coin, given that at least one is a head?

The distance between (0, 0) and (0, 1) on a certain coordinate plane is 1cm. The distance between (0, 0) and (1, 0) on that same coordinate plane is 1cm. What is the distance between (0, 0) and (1, 1)? Explain your answer.

Algebra 1
REWARD!RECEIVE 10$ GIFT CARD FOR EVERY 50$SPENT 1)If your reward is $10, what do you know about the amount of your purchase? 2)Give three possible amounts if your reward is $20. 3) What should you do if your total purchase is $98? Explain your answer.

algrebra 1
The area of a rectangle is 128 in². If the length is twice the width, what is the length of the rectangle? A) 64 in. B) 16 in. C) 8 in. D) 4 in. The length of a swimming pool is 22 ft. The width is 40 ft. If the volume of the pool is 2,500 ft³, which equation below ...

algrebra 1
A 180 ft long board is cut into 3 pieces. The second piece of board is twice as long as the first. The third piece of board is six times as long as the first. What is the length of the first piece of the board A) 20 ft B) 40 ft C) 60 ft D) 120 ft

algrebra 1
A secretary at the police department makes $8 less per hour than the dispatcher. The combined hourly wage of the secretary and the dispatcher is $40. Which equation could be used to find the hourly wage of the dispatcher? A) 2x + 8 = 40 B) 2x − 8 = 40 C) 8 − 2x = 4...

algebra 1
Marcos drove twice as far as Candice. Together, they drove 66 miles. Which equation can be used to find the number of miles Candice drove? A) 3x = 66 B) 2x+1/2x=66 C) 3x = 66 + x D) 3x=66-x

environment Science
Global perspectives on environmental health: Identify the 3 components of the environment,Briefly describ the major classess of pollutant in each category and their effect on health, Explain how sustainable development affects the environment.

health science
Describe one of the contemporary models of health from another country, and explain its strengths and weaknesses?

these answers are not correct

Piano tuners tune pianos by listening to the beats between the harmonics of two different strings. When properly tuned, the note A should have the frequency 440 Hz} and the note E should be at 659 Hz}. The tuner can determine this by listening to the beats between the third ha...

what is the speed of the sound

there are 6 nodes in the diagram

A whistle you use to call your hunting dog has a frequency of 24 kHz, but your dog is ignoring it. You suspect the whistle may not be working, but you can't hear sounds above 23 kHz. To test it, you ask a friend to blow the whistle, then you hop on your bicycle. At what mi...

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