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ms sue help me i don't get it

So meaning flooding, fire, pollution?

I just don't know what the question is asking me to do, I don't know how to describe. Ecological succession is the long-term process of natural vegetation communities changing. The community of plants in an area largely determines what animal life will be part of that ...

I really need help with this question, Damon gave me an answer, but I do not know if it is for this question or for the one posted after. This is the only question I need help on, I promise not to post any other questions after this I need help

which of the following are mature(climax) communities? a tundra b sand dune c temperate rainforest d wetland I'm guessing it's b - sand dune

I need help

What role do micro-organisms play in ecological succession?

So this is what I have to do and I really don't get it. I've gotta describe ecological succession in terms of changes in the abiotic parts of an ecosystem. What do I do? Ecological succession refers to the changes that take place over time in the types of organisms tha...

when 45g of an alloy is dropped into 100.0 g of water at 25c, the final temperature is 37c. what is the specific heat of the alloy

What is 24388 in scientific notation? And. Give the answer to the following calculations in the proper number of significant figures? a. 25,30cm x 0.035cm.

How many significant figures are in each of the following a.234 b. 2500 c.0.0034. d. 12.00 e. 0.01010

2nd grade
She says, "Look in the backyard for rocks."

physical science
Inside the cylinders of a diesel engine, the mixture of fuel and air is compressed to about 1/20 of its original volume. although diesel engines have no spark plugs to ignite this mixture, it ignites anyway because_. a) increases in temperature decrease molecular motion b) rap...

physical science
the same force is constantly applied to two moveable objects. the more massive object will a) travel at the same speed as the lighter one b) increase speed but at a slower rate than the lighter one c) increase speed but at a greater rate than the lighter one d) increase speed ...

physical science
a weather balloon filled with gas is released and rises into the atmosphere. as it rises, the balloon__. a) gets smaller because air pressure outside the balloon increases b) gets smaller because gas pressure inside the balloon decreases c) doesnt change size d)gets larger bec...

phsyical science
the weight of an object is a) the force of earths gravity b) measured in kilograms c) the amount of matter it contains d)never changes no matter where the object moves in our solar system e) the number of particles it contains

Pysical Science
Suppose I give you 2kg of a substance at 90 degree C with a specific heat of .75 cal/g degree C. How much ice water will it take to cool the sample to 20 degree C?

You have a 1 L container of F2 at 20 degrees C and 1 atm. Subtract the weight of the container , what is the mass of the gas

chemistry 121
Microwave ovens use microwave radiation to heat food. The microwaves are absorbed by moisture in the food, which is transferred to other components of the food. As the water becomes hotter, so does the food. Suppose that the microwave radiation has a wavelength of 11.2 cm How ...

chemistry 121
Microwave ovens use microwave radiation to heat food. The microwaves are absorbed by moisture in the food, which is transferred to other components of the food. As the water becomes hotter, so does the food. Suppose that the microwave radiation has a wavelength of 11.2 . How m...


6th grade
the change is the difference between final velocity and initial velocity 5-1 = 4m change in velocity

a large familia has a lot and a small family has little

Stress factors
chronic stress because it is long lasting compared to short term or acute stress.

Social Studies
northwest florida indian tribe


A balloon in the shape of a sphere is deflating. Given that t represents the time, in minutes, since it began losing air, the radius of the ballon (in cem) is r(t)=16-t. Let the equation V(r)= 4/3 pi r^3 represent the volume of a sphere of radius r. Find (V (open dot) r)(t)

Environmental Science
1) Will there be reduced refuse production by our osciety if we can't find new landfills? (I said no because people are apathetic and will do what they've always done). 2)Will the landscape be covered by pyramids if we can't find new landfills? (I said yes because ...

Environmental Science
Can someone please explain to me what SEMASS stands for? I googled SEMASS acronym but no site was able to explain what it means and why it's significant.

how does a tornado happen?

Todd's wieght went from 220 lbs to 190 lbs and Cassidy's wighte went from 150 lbs t?o 135 lbs. Who had the greater percentage of weight loss

No the answer is 85 because, you subtract 500-415=85.

In 4th grade science, How could measuring the orbit of a comet help scientists understand when it will next be visible from Earth?

us history
Eplain whether Washington was right or wrong about the danger of party polotics and involvement in other countries.

English 1
Can someone analyze this I have no idea what it means its from the poem substance, Shadow, and Spirit You had better go where fate leads. Drift on the stream of infinite flux Without joy, without fear: When you must go-then go And make a little fuss as you can.

a person standing at the edge of a seaside cliff kicks a stone over the edge with a speed of 18 ms. The cliff is 52m above the waters surface. How long does it take for the stone to fall to the water? With what speed does it strike the water?

what is the Symbols and Names of Common Metal Ions with More than One Ionic Charge of CuSO4

96 fl oz=how many pints

culteral Diversity
In the agrarian subsistance technology, which preceded the industrial technology revolution, work was a. Capital intensive b. Machine intensive c. Labor intensive d. Management intensive e. All the above

culteral Diversity
The process of acccultration that took place under slavery could best be described as a. A melting pot b. Culteral plurism c. Coercive Anglo-conformity d.Repressive Africanization e. Integration

culteral Diversity
The creation of minority group status largely depends om a. The size of the dominant group b. The nature of the contact situation c. Wheather the dominant group is assimilationist or plur alistic d. The degree of industrilization in the larger society e. The degree of mutual e...

culteral Diversity
A criticism of the authoritarian personality theory of prejudice is a. to explain individual prejudice b. It explains individual predijudice c. It takes family into consideration d. b and c above e. none of the above

culteral Diversity
Selective perception a. is a tendency to see only what one expects to see b. can strengthen and reienforce stereotypes c. Both a and b d. None of the above

culteral Diversity
Which of the following is NOT an example of the affective dimension of prejudcise? a. Fear and anger b. Steriotyping and overgeneralizations c. Repulision and hatred d. General dislike e. Distrust

culteral Diversity
Which of the following theries argues that status attainment is a direct result of educational levels, personal values, and skills? a. Human capital theory b. Multiculteralism c. Martial assimulation d. Acculteration e. None of the above

culteral Diversity
In Milton Gorton's theory of assimilation, the crucial step is from a. Integration to acculteration b. Acculteration to integration c. Assimilation to plurism d. Anglo-conformity to the melting pot e. Integration to intermarriage

culteral Diversity
Minority group status affects the different "life chances" including a. Better health care b.Access to wealth and income c. Access to decent housing d. asscess to higher education e. all the above

Culteral Diversity
the most important source of inequality arises from a person's relationship to the means of production. This statement might be heard from a a. Capitalist b.Weberian c. Libertarian d.Marxist e. Republican

culteral Diversity
Laws on miscegentation referred to laws that a. Prevented people from passing as menbers to another race b. Prevented people of different races from eating together in public restaurants c. Prevented members of different races from intermarrying d. Prevented members of differe...

Culteral Diversity
The social or physical characteristics that mark the boundaries between groups are highly a. Highly visible b. selected by the minority groups themselves c. Scientifically significant d. Selected for their biological improtance e. subtle

Culteral Diversity
The creation of minority group status for Mexican Americans reflected the dynamics of

ap world history
Hi,I have to write an essay for my ap world history class but i am confused on how to write a thesis for it.The instructions are "Compare the diffusion of Buddhism from its origin to the sixth century C.E with the diffusion of Christianity from its origin to the sixth cen...

Given the following information for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2001: Product sales: 28,189,612 Service sales: 11,688,793 Cost of goods sold- products: 10,633,956 Cost of goods sold- services: 5,869,106 Operating expense: 14,904,460 Pre-tax operating income: 8,470,883 Incom...

Marine Science
I hope so, thats what I'm putting.

What is the coefficient for H2O when the following equation is balanced: Mg3N2 + H2O → Mg(OH)2 + NH3? When the following reaction is balanced, what is the coefficient for O2? H2 + O2 → H2O Would the answer be 2?

10th grade,history
what attitudes toward native americans does this express?

The (absolute value) x-20 (absolute value) is less than or equal to 6. I did it first with six positive and got x is lesss than or equal to 26. Then I made the six negative and got x is less than or equal to 14. But this is impossible for these to both be true, right? How come...

pre calculus
write the slope-intercept form of an equation for a line that passes through A(3,4)and is perpendicular to the line that passes through e(4,1) and F(-2,4)

She has 3 quarters and 5 dimes

On April 1, 2009, the company paid an insurance company $5,000 for a two-year fire insurance policy. The entire $5,000 was debited to insurance expense. What is the Dec. 31, 2009 adusting journal entry? Prepaid Insurance xx Insurance expense xx I can't figure out the value...

cmc 219
how Internet convergence and related issues about privacy protection affect the following aspects of American life: Education Business Families Government Relationships with the global community

When the change from sponsored programming to network programming took place, the amount of advertising dramatically increased. Was this a positive or negative development for the general public at the time? Why or why not?

Help with maths!
A rectangular field is surrounded by a fence on three of its sides, and a straight hedge on the fourth side. If the length of the fence is 320m, find the maximum area of the field enclosed. should i do it? Does it matter which of the 'three sides' they are tal...

Hello, I'm supposed to do this questions using concepts of differentiation with proper workings, and not based on general knowledge. Question: If x + y = 82, find the maximum value of xy. I know that 41 and 41 would give the greatest product... but how should i work it out...

so its >2HNO3+2KOH=2KNO3+H2O?

is this correct?: word equation: nitric acid+potassium hydroxide= potassium nitrate balanced symbol equation: 3HNO3+2KOH=2KNO3+H2O

9th grade
sugar is a compound that is not made of ions. will it form an acidic,an alkaline or a neutral solution when it is dissolved in water? please expain your answer for me!

expain why a 100m runner has a bigger oxygen depth than a marathon runner. im lost please help

im kind suck on this one can anyone help me out: explain four ways through which your body natually deals with microbes.

Business Studies
Discuss the suitability of the various sources of finance a large business might use when replacing old machinery.

Business Studies
Discuss the extent to which a hotel manager might improve workers' motivation by re-designing their jobs. (12 marks).

What exactly does capitalization ratio measure? My professor says it's computed by dividing capital by total assets. With regards to a bank what does the capitaliation ratio indicate? I do know that it measure risk but I don't understand how it measures risk.

idential point charges of 1.7e-6 C are fixed diagonally on opposite corners of a square. A third charge is then fixed at the center of the square, such that it causes the potentials at the empty corners to change signs without changing their magnitudes. Find the sign and magni...

3rd grade math
I don't get a synonym for cloudy,wait,annoying,help,circle,and splash

I know you get -sin x; I know how to do the problem without the 5, but I don't understand how to do the problem since it is tangent of 5x

I know you get -sin x; I know how to do the problem without the 5, but I don't understand how to do the problem since it is tangent of 5x

How would you integrate tan5xdx ? Thanks in advance. Can you use u substitution?

There are several features people would like money to possess (portability, durability etc.) Name two features or aspects of money that explain why diamonds do not serve as money in most countries. Acceptability- most countries just don't accept it. Stability- because diam...

Organic chemistry
what is the line structure for 2-butanol?

Hey guys! I think for 13 the answer is Amonium Sulfate cuz its cheap and the third one is cysteien cuz u get the S-S bonds? 13. To concentrate an enzyme without denaturing it, you would likely use... urea ammonium sulfate a detergent HCl NaOH PITC 14. The tertiary strucure of ...

I know the opposite negative recirocal is -1/2 therefore m = -1/2 I put it in point slope form and came up with y-4=-1/2(x-5) I distributed it and got y-4= -1/2x+ 2.5 but its wrong!! PLEASE HELP!!

Write the equation of the line that passes through the point (5, 4) and is perpendicular to y=2x-4

College Statistics 2
I saw that this was already answered but I can't find it if anyone knows, can you point me in the right direction? A recent poll of 700 people who work indoors found that 278 of them smoke.If the researchers want to be 98% confident of thier results to within 3.5%, how lar...

Prinicipals of Economics
Microeconomics is the study of aggregate behavior in the economy? True or false

(7x8)divide 4mutiply,divide

Write a paragraph about data using the appropriate data vocabulary words. Think about why the line went so far at the end of the graph.In other words, analyze the data.

Europa, a satellite of Jupiter, appears to have an ocean beneath its icy surface. Proposals have been made to send a robotic submarine to Europa to see if there might be life there. There is no atmosphere on Europa, and we shall assume that the surface ice is thin enough that ...

A medical technician is trying to determine what percentage of a patient's artery is blocked by plaque. To do this, she measures the blood pressure just before the region of blockage and finds that it is 1.20×10^4 Pa, while in the region of blockage it is 1.15×...

Const convention
Why did Rhode Island not participate in the Constitutional Convention?

How does article II of the constitution address the flaws that existed in the Articles of Confederation? Problems of unity, ambition, power, and liberty

How does article II of the constitution address the flaws that existed in the Articles of Confederation?

US history
How does article II of the constitution address the flaws that existed in the Articles of Confederation?

Would a cell make enzymes for other cells? For example, would a cell make a lysosomal enzyme and send it to a different cell?

english composition
What does King mean paragraph 4 when he says that horror movies are innately conservative even reactionary?

english composition
Why we crave horror movies. In what reference to "Jack the Ripper and the Clevend Torso Murser support his thesis? If we are all insane, then sanity becomes a matter of degree. If your insanity leads you to carve up women like Jack the Ripper or the Cleveland Torso Murder...

english composition
In what reference to "Jack the Ripper and the Clevand Torso Murder support his thesis?

english composition
what is the thesis statement in Why we crave horror movies?


Physical Science
1. What is your mass in kilograms? In grams? 2. If ice has a density of 0.92g/cm^3 has a mass of 39.5g of ice? 3. What is the mass of gasoline (p+0.680g/cm^3) in a 94.6L gasoline tank?

metric units of capacity
I need a practice sheet for Metric units of capacity because I have a test tommorow

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