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Is it because at high pressure, molecules have volume, and at low temperature gases move slowly and act like a liqud so they have attractive forces that decrease pressure?
October 5, 2008

Ok, i understand that for real gases you have to account for volume of particles, and that they have attractive forces that lower the pressure, that make the ideal gas law invalid, but what does that have to do with low temp and high pressure?
October 5, 2008

I dont know what you just said, but i know that when an ideal gas is at a lower pressure, the molecules do not collide with the container as frequently, and that at a high temperature the molecules do collide frequently. What does this mean, does it even help me?
October 5, 2008

Why do gases behave in a less ideal manner when in LOW TEMP. AND HIGH PRESSURE?
October 5, 2008

constellation puppis
where can I find some basic information on the star puppis for grade 3 level? anyone.
June 12, 2008

How many different numbers can be made using 4 numbers a b c and d and only + and - ?
February 5, 2008

how to find the percent difference?
December 30, 2007

What contributions did the french make to america?
December 12, 2007

what is the emission spectrum of the sun and what does this spectrum reveal about the types of elements in the sun?
October 27, 2007

October 25, 2007

A statue is 8ft. tall. The display case for a model of the statue is 18 inches tall. Which scale allows for the tallest model of the statue that will fit in the display case? A. 1 inch: 2 inches B. 1 inch: 7 inches C. 1 inch: 5 inches D. 1 inch: 10 inches
October 25, 2007

Social Studies
Why is it difficult to travel on many African rivers?
October 16, 2007

Write the formulas of the ions (including charges) present in aqueous solutions of the following: K2CO3 NH4NO3 NA2Cr2O7 Mg(C2H3O2)2 Make sure it is both mass and charge balanced. Here is a listing of many polyatomic ions. This should give you a start. Post with specific ...
April 4, 2007

math - 6th grade
how do you do front end estimation when the number of digits are 12,249 - 6,875 dgud wat are the poperties of math and what do they all mean????????? i need help in my homework I haven't used the expression "front end" estimation but I would ...
September 25, 2006

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