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There is a bicycle wheel resting against a small step whose height is h = 0.132 m. The weight and radius of the wheel are W = 27.3 N and r = 0.324 m, respectively. A horizontal force is applied to the axle of the wheel. As the magnitude of increases, there comes a time when th...

Physics ?_?
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Physics ?_?
The model airplane is being spun at a speed of 20 m/s on a horizontal circle of radius 17 m. The mass of the plane is 0.86 kg. The person holding the guideline pulls it in until the radius becomes 13 m. The plane speeds up, and the tension in the guideline becomes four times g...

In 2.0 minutes, a ski lift raises 5 skiers at constant speed to a height of 190 m. The average mass of each skier is 65 kg. What is the average power provided by the tension in the cable pulling the lift?

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