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Darren is trying to improve his typing speed. On his first practice assignment, he types. 198 words in 6 minutes. On his second assignment, he types 248 words in 8 minutes. Did his speed improve? Tell how you know.

one way to resize a ring is to fill a bar into the ring.suppose a ring that is 20 mm in diameter has to be resized to fit a fingure 16 mm n diameter what is the length of the bar that should be inserted in order to make the ring fit the fingure? ( Hint: write an equation of th...

i still dont get it ms sue for 3.14 x 16.4 it will equal .376 not 51.996

a circular coin has a radius of 8.2 mm. What is its circumference ,rounded to the nearest tenth?


organic chemistry
Something that isn't consumed by the reaction (so say A) is dissolved at the same time as something that is consumed by the reaction (B) in a solvent, so that they are in the same phase...what is this reaction an example of? What is the most pervasive particle that is invo...

human resources
i need to draw a spray diagram for tesco's organizational system??

human resources
hi what is the organizational system for any company? and how to raw spray diagram for it?

2nd grade
you need help it equals 550 lb

Is this sentence capalized right. The striking colors of autumn leaves are admired by nearly everyone.

What are Print Boards used for because I have to make a plan for one. Please could someone answer this important question!!

7th grade algebra
67 feet

Would iron be considered a substance or a mixture? How about blood? Iron is: substance is a very general term: See definition 3: Now blood is living tissue and as such very complex. In ways it is a mixtu...

Where are the igneous rocks made? volcanoes maybe? Dont quoteme on that I agree maybe it is is volcanoes igneous rocks are formed from molten rock (magma) that becomes solid when it cools,either after volcanic eruption at the earths surface,or deep underground,

ummm i dunno.........gas?

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