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Chemistry 2
is this for ashworth??

What weights of NaH2PO4 and NaHPO4 would be required to prepare a buffer solution of pH 7.45 that has an ionic strength of 0.1? pKa2=7.12 , mwt NaH2Po4=120g/mol NaHPO4=142 g/mol using the henderson-hasselbalch equation i got that the ratio of the concentration of NaH2PO4 to Na...

How has psychology been impacted by the philosophical and religious theories of child rearing?

represent the number 24 by making equal groups (write the multiplication and addition sentence for each)

A grocery store wants to make a mixture of nuts consisting of cashews and pecans. The cashews sell for $4 per pound while the pecans sell for $10 a pound. How many pounds of each nut must be mixed to produce a 6 pound mixture that sells for $8 per pound.

idnt f.cking know!!

I had to find dy/dx or y' same difference. I just want to make sure i am doing it right because i have a hard time with trig functions

I believe PsyDAG's answer is wrong.

Improving Writing
What did you make on the exam?

social health
What is social heath

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