February 14, 2016

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drivers ed
i have been working on this forever...and i cant figure it out...but its on motorcycle safety...and its two words...but it contains aeehhossvy...and ithink its an article of clothing but other than that i have no idea......cause everything else i've solved has been clothing
December 5, 2007

number 15 is money... george 1 dollar bill, thomas 5 dollar bill, abe 10 dollar bill, alexander 20 dollar bill, then is andrew jackson 50 dollar bill, and then ulysses grant 100 dollar bill
August 22, 2007

A chemist has 80 pints of a 20% iodine solution. How many pints of iodine must be added to produce a solution that is 33.1/3% iodine? Please help me work this through Let X be the number of pints of iodine that must be added. You start out with a mix that contains 16 pints of ...
March 2, 2007

How do you solve these types of problems? What is the remainder when 732^500 is divided by 10? The remainder of a division problem is the same as its modulo. 732^500 % 10 = the remainder what is modulo? and what do I need to do to solve this?
March 2, 2007

The population of Norson, the largest city in Transitania, is 50% of the rest of the population of Transitania. The population of Norson is what percent of the entire population of Transitania? Assume there are 100 people in Transitania.
March 2, 2007

12/7 .......i think
February 4, 2007

the big idea of energy
The idea is that the molecules have a lot of heat energy and so they are banging into eachother and if they bang with enough energy they join together.... hope this helped!!! :)
December 5, 2006

we also have the same problem...
August 31, 2006

Chemistry Suspension Examples...
June 15, 2005

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