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Pasta cars
Okay, so my science assignment is to build a pasta car. There is a compitition between all of my teacher's classes, and the other team's science teacher's classes.--losers have to buy the winners a breakfast party. Awards go to the fastest, and the most unique desi...

Algebraic Systems
Okay i just wanna know what you think is the easiest between substitution and elimination/combination. I hate elimaination becuase i get confused quicker with this when actually solving it than in substitution, but it's actually easier for me. Still, substitution is what i...

Loophole- the food comes from machines in a factory where they use dust and dirt to create a huge meal that actually tastes good. ....and the aparment buildings are so small that the only space between them is just enough for a butterfly to fly through.

....................................... A really rich old man who owns a old town with horse-drawn carriages on an alien dried up planet, where everyone lives in apartment buildings and aren't allowed outside except for the people who bring food and supplies to every build...

That's not math you liar. (jk lol) hm........

That sounds about right. I hated studing the American documents of early colonists-important, and utterly boring to me. Anyway, if i got anything from the lessons on the Declaration of Independence-it's that the king was being ignorant of the colonists, and took it a badly...

I also have heard that he died on the 18th of September 1830...... So i guess that you should say something along the lines of-- Though the exact day of his death is uncertain, it is commonly found that his death occured in September 1830. Something like that.

I think it was because the judges would have immense loyalty to the king, meaning that they might reach a verdict in favor of the king, even if the verdict was known to be incorrect.

Poem: The road not taken by Robert Frost
All of your answers sound pretty good to me. The last one is open ended, so you automatically get that one right, and 1-3 are 100% right. Good job.

I have no idea if this is right, but i think that it's because they were still having children, and the demand for African-American slaves were high-so people began to ship in more and more Africans to America to be sold into slavery.

"The value of the land is no more than it is worth in money." From this I picked up that he thinks that if the land doesn't bring in profit, then it doesn't have any value. Also,he's basically saying that through "owning the industry and labor used b...

One liter is equal to 1000 milliliters. Your answer for liters should be 0.084.

8th Grade Algebra Answer Check
Thank you so much!

8th Grade Algebra Answer Check
Josh and Racquel sold corn dogs and burritos at the math club fundraiser. The corn dogs(c) cost $.35, and the burritos(b) cost $.75. They sold a total of 600 items, and raised $360. a)Write an equation for the total # of items sold. b)Write and equation for the total cost of t...

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