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Physics Question
I got it !!

Physics Question
Some rearview mirrors produce images of cars behind you that are smaller than they would be if the mirror were flat. What is a mirror's radius of curvature if cars 23.0 m away appear .36x their normal size? I got .24 meters but it is wrong??

Physics Question
Thank you!

Physics Question
Pulsed lasers used in science and medicine produce very short bursts of electromagnetic energy. If the laser light wavelength is 1062 nm (this corresponds to a Neodymium-YAG laser), and the pulse lasts for 40 picoseconds, and 1.1 x 104 wavelenghs are found in the laser pulse, ...

Physics Question
A shaving/makeup mirror is designed to magnify your face by a factor of 1.27 when your face is placed 23.5 cm in front of it. What type of mirror is it? Describe the type of image that it makes of your face. Calculate the required radius of curvature for the mirror.

Intro Physics
An EM wave has a wavelength of 620 nm. What is its frequency? How would we classify it?

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