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The home states of a certain group of people are distributed as follows: 54 percent are from MISSOURI, 27 percent are from KANSAS, and 19 percent are from IOWA. (No one in the group had a home state other than one of these three.) (Note: Your answer to the question below ...

Justin recently drove to visit his parents who live 480 miles away. On his way there his speed was 20 miles per hour faster than on his way home (he ran into bad weather). If Justin spent a total of 20 hours driving. Find the two rates.

Which one of the following is an advantage of setting up a family day care home? A. You can obtain a tax-exempt status. B. You can enroll as many children as you wish. C. You'll be eligible for federal aid. D. Your own child or children will have children to play with.

The path of a baseball after being hit is given by the function f(x)= -.007x^2+x+4 where f(x) is the height of the baseball (in feet) and x is the horizontal distance from home plate (in feet). at what time will the baseball reach the maximum height?

Antoine went on vacation. His room cost $115.62 each night. His flight there cost $45.70. His flight home cost $32.49. He averaged $15.00 per day on food. On the first day Antoine won $75.00. On the last day he lost $25.00. If he stayed for 3 nights and 4 days, how much did ...

How are long and short term equilibrium prices set?

What's a good way to tell a human skull from a rock at home

Word Equations
Yochanan walked from home to the bus stop at an average speed of 5km/h. He immediately got on his school bus and traveled at an average speed of 60km/h until he got to school. The distance from his home to school is 35 kilometers, and the entire trip took 1.5 hours. How many ...

Social studies
Which of the following were effects of the Holocaust? (Choose all that apply) A. Hitler's "final solution" successfully reached its goal. B. Six million Jews were killed by the Nazis. C. Jews in Georgia worked on fighting anti-Semitism at home. D. Some Jewish refugees settled ...

How do interest rates in a nation affect foreign investment in that nation

Who is concerned with exchange rates?

his question is based on the following passage, which contains some errors. The sentences are numbered to help you answer the question. (1) As soon as Loraine arrived in town, she phoned Dee. (2) However Dee was not home. (3) Discouraged, by this Loraine walked four blocks to ...

Which one of the following sentences contains an unnecessary colon? A. Here's the question on all of our minds: Will our team be able to defeat their arch rivals tonight? B. Carlos has three goals in life: to graduate from college, own his own home, and work in the computer ...

(1) As soon as Loraine arrived in town, she phoned Dee. (2) However Dee was not home. (3) Discouraged, by this Loraine walked four blocks to a coffee shop. (4) She hoped Darlene her old friend would be there. (5) When she got to the coffee shop, Loraine found that Darlene was ...

1. What is the grooming process as it relates to online predators? A. the process by which online predators lure in minors to get close enough to hurt them. B. the process by which online predators are trained. C. the process by which a cyberbully becomes an online predator. D...

Social Studies
2. How did World War 2 affect life in Georgia? (Choose all that apply.) A. More Georgians were out of work than ever before B. Many pepole moved to the North or West C. Pepole made sacrifices for the war effort. D. African american Georgians moved to the North looking for work...

Algebra I
Son brought home a hand made worksheet that teacher did not go over and can't find examples anywhere. Multiply each expression by its conjugate. A. Square root of (13)-2 B. 2+3Square root (5) C. Square root(3) minus Square root(7) Thanks

This question is based on the following passage, which contains some errors. The sentences are numbered to help you answer the question. (1) As soon as Loraine arrived in town, she phoned Dee. (2) However Dee was not home. (3) Discouraged, by this Loraine walked four blocks ...

You are asked to examine the market for luxury housing in the southern Westchester town of Quietville. This kind of housing is said to be a normal good. In Quietville a substantial proportion of the people who buy luxury homes are people who work in the financial sector on ...

accounting,economics, mathematics,business studies
Identity three courses or study field you are interested in following after grade 12

In orders to study law at bloemfontein university how many points should I get

Explain discretionary fiscal policy and automatic fiscal policy (automatic stabilizers).

home school
In which of the following are 1/2,5/6, and 5/8 arranged in ascending order?

managerial economics
calculating empirical production function Dimex Fabrication Co

Business studies,Geography,Tourism,Economics,lit
Which career can i woek for and which is interesting and pays a lot

What foreign policy did the United States follow before entering World War 2? * Isolationsism Communism(MY ANSWER) Socialism Blitzkrieg Japan is a country made up of islands * True (MY ANSWER) False Why was Japan so interested in controlling the islands in the Pacific Ocean...

Social Studies
what would be the most likely method for a game store to distribute a popular new video game to customers A. First come first served B. Levels C. Needs D. Auction which these states a basic economic question A. What job is best B. How much should this good cost C. What goods ...

Fred walks a steady 3 2/3 miles per hour. The beach is 4 1/4 miles from his home. How long will it take fred to walk from his home to the beach and back home again???

Extending her arms over the left-field wall, the baseball plummeted toward the fan, and she caught it cleanly on the fly before displaying the home run ball for all to see.  Which of the following phrases is misplaced in the sentence above?  A. Extending her arms over the ...

Nicole is late for work. She jumps in her car and drives to work in 3.5 minutes. Her work place is 3.85 km away from her house. The speed limit between home and work is 50 km/hour. Is Nicole speeding?

Read the following passage from the Odyssey: Square in your ship's path are Sirens, crying beauty to bewitch men coasting by; woe to the innocent who hears that sound! He will not see his lady nor his children in joy, crowding about him, home from sea; the Sirens will sing his...

World Literature help please 1. In the "The Old Chief Mshlanga" how does the narrator's opinion of the natives change? 2. How does this affect her relationship with her father? 3. How did the books that the narrator of "The Old Chief Mshlanga" read affect her attitude toward ...

accounting,maths lit,agricultural and economics
What coase should I studie in university?

What is the toll-free number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline that anyone can call 24 hours a day, everyday? A. 1-800-273-HOME B. 1-800-273-TALK C. 1-800-273-LOVE D. 1-800-273-FEEL

Analogies: Circle the analogy that best matches the word below. Photon : Light a.) small : invisible b.) molecule : visible c.) home : kitchen d.) page : book I'm thinking c maybe? None of them really make sense to me.

1. The skeletal system is created to ____________ internal organs. A) protect <------------------- B) maintain C) support D) hide 2. Your elbow and knee are examples of A) ligaments. B) joints. <-------------------- C) cartilage. D) angles. 3. The muscular system allows ...

PLEASE ANSWER THIS! Consider the problem of a monopolist that sells its product on two different markets m, with m=1,2. Each market has an aggregate demand function given by 1200−α_m*p_m, where p_m denotes the price in market m, and α_m=m measures the ...

An athlete prepares for the Comrades. He jogs out to a certain point and then turns back home. On the first day he turns after 6m.on the second day he turns after 10km. On the third day he turns after 14km. 1.after how many kilometres does he turn on the 7th day? 2.On which ...

An eco-friendly home-building company has asked you to create their logo. Which of the following color schemes would work best to enhance the perception that their company is Earth-friendly? (1 point) Correct answer (1 pt) green and brown Unselected answer (0 pts) red and ...

Consider the problem of a monopolist that sells its product on two different markets m, with m=1,2. Each market has an aggregate demand function given by 1200−α_m*p_m, where p_m denotes the price in market m, and α_m=m measures the responsivity of demand to ...

economics,business studies,tourism,life orientatio
Explain in a short paragraph what can trigger spectator aggression in sport

pure maths, accounting,business studies, economics
Im in grade 10 and i want to write my to solve for x?

I thought it was C for this Victor Frankenstein recounts the influences that lead to his great experiment: I feel exquisite pleasure in dwelling on the recollections of childhood, before misfortune had tainted my mind and changed its bright visions of extensive usefulness ...

I¡¯m worried about my grandmother. 1. Why don¡¯t you visit her often and talk with her? 2. Why don¡¯t you take her to hospital? 3. Why don¡¯t you take care of her? 4. Why don¡¯t you ask your parents to bring her to your apartment? 5. Why don¡¯t you take her to a ...

Suppose a baseball pitcher throws fastballs 80 % of the time and curveballs 20 % of the time. Suppose a batter hits a home run on 8 % of all fastball pitches, and on 5 % of all curveball pitches. What is the probability that this batter will hit a home run on this pitcher's ...

Home Depot sells compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) that have a mean life of 10,000 hours with a standard deviation of 1,000 hours. In an order of 8,000 lamps, how many can be expected to last 11,000 hours or longer?

A ship leaves its home port and sails on a bearing N38°15'E at 24 mph.At the same instant,another ship leaves the same port on a bearing S51°45'E at 28 mph.Find the distance between the two ships after 8 hours.

I¡¯m worried about my height. 1. Why don¡¯t you buy a jump rope and jump rope from time to time? 2. Why don¡¯t you play basketball with others in the gym? 3. Why don¡¯t you do gymnastics on a regular basis? 4. Why don¡¯t you do yoga at home? 5. Why don¡¯t you do ...

The Washingtons buy a $260,000 home by putting 20% down and financing the balance with a 30-year fixed-rate 4.2% mortgage, compounded monthly. What is the amount of their monthly loan payment to amortize the loan?

maths lit,life science, geography and economics
Which career should I follow with those subjects I don't know what to do back
9.all were war efforts on the home front during world war 1 EXCEPT a)giving to the red cross. b)rationing food C)flying combat missions**** d) buying liberty bonds,victory bonds, and war savings stamps 10.the struggle for equality for women was only partially successful ...

If a home buyer purchases a home in 2006 for $225,000 with a 10% down payment using a 30 year fixed mortgage rate at 6.5% and 3.5% closing costs added to the original mortgage, compute the following: a) the original amount of the mortgage loan b) the home's market value in 7 ...

Given the following diagrams: Q1 = 16 bags. Q2 = 11 bags. Q3 = 23 bags. The market equilibrium price is $53 per bag. The price at point a is $85 per bag. The price at point c is $5 per bag. The price at point d is $63 per bag. The price at point e is $38 per bag. The price at ...

Language Arts
Directions: replace the bold faced word with a contraction. 1. We will(bold faced) see you t the English class next week! Answer: We'll 2. There is (bold faced) no milk in the refrigerator. Answer: There's 3. There will (bold faced) be time to chat later. Answer: 4. It is (...

I have a few questions that I'm stuck on. 1. Identify how the pronoun is used in the sentence. Just today Terry bought a picture for her. direct object indirect object object of a preposition*** (I think this is the answer because of the preposition for her, Terry is the one ...

What are the costs and consequences of providing the subsidies and welfare in South Africa?

International Economics
Please use one graph per country and show both the autarky and the free trade equilibrium on each graph. Consider the following data on the factor endowments of two countries A and B: Countries Factor Endowments A B Labor force: L 100 workers 50 workers Capital Stock: K 60 ...

Spanish (Check my answers)
10. What are tambos? (1 point) indigenous homes with no walls small edible fish rural community centers type of tropical vegetables 11. Who are the traditional builders of quincha homes? (1 point) women tribal chiefs the community head of household 12. Which are you likely to ...

A baseball player is running from the at 20 ft/sec. At what rate is his distance from the home plate changing when he is 30 ft from the third base. The baseball diamond is a square 90 ft on a side.

Biophysics strikes back The Biophysics students are having their usual Saturday night biophysics party performing physics experiments at a classmate’s home. This Saturday it is in an apartment building and you notice a managemnt student (MS) passed out in the stairwell. The ...

ReWrite using APA format 1. Snow,C.E,Burns,M.S& Griffin, P.(Eds).(1998).preventing reading difficulties in young children. Washington,DC:National Academy Press. Suggests that the most effective way to build learners literacy skills is to begin by teaching them to read and ...

What is South African government providing and to whom?

Find the amount of money that Keaton and Jana Smith must set aside today so that they will have $5,000 available to buy a home security system to one year if the annual interest reate is 5% compounded annually.

Nsis economics
All the Factors of abnormal supply curve

Ling lives 2 miles from school. It took him 15 minutes to bike from school to home. The first half of the distance he biked at a speed of 12 mph. What was his speed for the remaining distance? What was his average speed? His speed for remaining distance was___mph and his ...

How does Margaret Atwood draw on source material in The Penelopiad? A: She tells The Odyssey from the view of Penelope's maids B: She tells The Odyssey from the view of a more modern woman C: She reveals Odysseus' true feelings about the events in the Odyssey D: She reveals ...

What are the costs and consequences of providing the subsidies and welfare?

Are there any welfare or subsidy payments that should be reviewed or added?

social studies
1. Which most precisely describes the location of Southwest Asia? (1 point) west of India south of the Arctic Circle north of the equator east of the Mediterranean Sea*** 2. In which way are the legal differences among men and women in Saudi Arabia most apparent? (1 point) in ...

Top Kitchens handles 17% of all the kitchen production in the area for new construction. It is estimated that the cost of kitchens is 14% of the total cost of constructing a new house. New home construction in the area for the next year is estimated to total $32 million. What ...

ELA (check answers)
We were about a quarter mile away when quiet swept over the colony. A thousand or more heads periscoped. Two thousand eyes glared. Save for our wading, the world's business had stopped. A thousand avian personalities were concentrated on us, and the psychological force of this...

social studies
children received their schooling at home in many pre-industrial families, with the industrial revolution, more children attended formal schools. which of the following statements best explains why this change in schooling developed? (1)after the industrial revolution parents ...

maths literacy, business studies, economics, tourism
Which career I can qualify in if I have done this subject in metric

An eco-friendly home-building company has asked you to create their logo. Which of the following color schemes would work best to enhance the perception that their company is Earth-friendly? (1 point) Correct answer (1 pt) green and brown Unselected answer (0 pts) red and ...

Social Studies 8
1.Describe the effects of the Great Depression on Georgians. a.Georgians were forced to barter rather than use cash.**** b.Women returned to the workforce. c.Georgians who worked in industry lost jobs and homes.*** d.It was easier for minorities to find work than it was for ...

Which sentence contains an indirect object? a. The radio warned us of the storm. b. The police gave everyone three hours to evacuate. c. Carl remained at home on the island. d. He escaped the storm in a boat.

Income not used for consumption is: A. savings**** B. spending C. donations D. none of the above

What is an important characteristic of the M1 money supply? A. liquidity**** B. durability C. flexibility D. solidity

A public good is an example of a: A. market failure B. monopoly C. charity D. none of the above****

Why is the equilibrium wage higher for doctors than for convenience store clerks? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A. The demand for convenience store clerks is equal to the demand for doctors. B. Supply of doctors is relatively low, and the demand is relatively high...

1. He is a social science teacher. 2. He is a SS teacher. 3. She is a home economics teacher. 4. She is a HE teacher. 5. She is a technical arts and homemaking teacher. 6. She is a TAH teacher. 7. She is a healthe education teacher. 8. She is a HE teacher. 9. He is a technical...

Economics - URGENT
Suppose we now care about the long run decisions of a firm that has a production function of the form q = 4L^1/2 + K Suppose w = 1 and r = 0.5 Assume that, at the beginning when w0 = 1 and r = 0.5, the firm chose to produce q0 = 20 units of output. Then, the wage increased to ...

Mohan travels at 20m/s from home and returns back at 25m/s.Find his average velocity for the entire journey?

Consumer math
Could someone please check my answers? Secured Credit APR Excellent 4.75% Good 5.00% Average 5.85% Fair 6.40% Poor 7.50% -------------------------- Unsecured Credit APR Excellent 5.50% Good 5.90% Average 6.75% Fair 7.25% Poor 8.40% --------------------------- 12. You are ...

You need $200,000 to buy a new home. The bank offers a choice of a 30-year loan at an APR of 8% or a 15-year loan at 7.5%. Assume the closing costs are the same for both loans. a) Compare the monthly payments for these two loan options. b) Compare the total loan costs for ...

English (Check)
Read the following excerpt from Equiano's autobiography. Then answer the questions below. Some of the people of the ship used to tell me they were going to carry me back to my own country and this made me very happy. I was quite rejoiced at the sound of going back, and thought...

English (Check)
In the following sentences based on the selection by Equiano, the verbs are all in the passive voice. Decide if each would be more effective in the active voice. If so, rewrite the sentence, adding or dropping words as necessary. If not, explain your reasons for leaving the ...

Why can the AD curve shift to the left or the right?

HE ran away and was gone for a year. When he came home he told me the silly story Of being kidnapped by pirates on Lake Michigan And kept in chains so he could not write me. I pretended to believe it, though I knew very well What he was doing, and that he met The milliner, Mrs...

Social Studies
2. What happened to the price of goods in south carolina during the civil war? A- deflation caused prices to rise. B-Deflation caused prices to fall C-Inflation caused prices to rise*** D-Inflation caused prices to fall 3. Which of the following BEST describes the role women ...

Social Studies
1. From where did Islam spread? A. from India to Arabia B. from the Persian Empire to the Arab Empire** C. from Macedonia with Alexander the Great D. from Macca and Medina through Arabia 2. Which of the following circumstances poses the greatest benefit and challenge to ...

You live 2 3/4 miles from school. In the morning, you walk 1/3 mile directly toward school to the bus stop. Later, when you get off the bus, you walk home the same distance. How many miles do you ride to and from school each day?

Social Studies
Which of the following most contributed to the rise of Sumer? A. Farming** B. Military Power C. Isolated location D. Trade You are a young woman in Saudi Arabia. Which of these should you not plan to do? A. Apply for a job outside the home** B. Take a test for a drivers ...

Two teams, the Exponents and the Radicals, square off in a best of 5 math hockey tournament. Once a team wins 3 games, the tournament is over. The schedule of the tournament (for home games) goes: E-R-E-R-E If the Exponents are playing at home, there is a 60% chance they'll ...

What is an example of a positive external shock to aggregate supply? ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::​::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: A. Good weather leads to an unusually productive harvest for corn farmers. **** B. A popular new diet encourages consumers to...

Hi there, I need help solving a proof. I put all my answers in for the blank spaces, but number 4 I can't get. If someone could help that would be great. Thank you! I've been trying to figure this out for the past two days and I'm honestly freaking out. My parents aren't home ...

Why does unemployment rise when the economy slows? A. Decreased demand for goods causes demand for labor to go down.**** B. Decreased demand for goods causes the cost of labor to go up. C. Increased demand for goods causes demand for labor to go down. D. The slower economy ...

Which goods would be included in the calculation of GDP? A. toys made in China at a factory owned by a U.S. company B. cars made in Tennessee at a factory owned by a Japanese car company C. plastic made in Kentucky and sold to a toy maker in Ohio D. cotton cloth made in India ...

How does the expenditure approach calculate GDP? ____________________________________ A. It adds up all the incomes in the economy. B. It adds up the value of four groups of final goods and services. C. It adds up the value of business goods and services. D. It adds up the ...

Create a piecewise function of the following scenario where D(t) is the total distance walked in miles as a function of time T (in minutes) You begin a walk from your home at a fast pace of 6 miles per hour for 30 minutes. You rest for 15 minutes, and then you continue walking...

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