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High School

messa secondary school
If the last term of A.P is 40, what is the number of term.

This Class Is In The School! A)most Noisy B)noisier C)the Noisiest Is It (A)?

our own English school
List all of the factors for the numbers 16

our own English school
Iam an even multiple of 2,if you reverse my digits ,I become a multiple of 9.who am I?

khalsa model senior secondary school
A block of mass 3kg which is on a smooth inclined plane making an angle of 30° to the horizontal is connected by a cord passing over a light frictionless pulley to a second block of mass 2kg hanging vertically. What is the acceleration of each block and what is the tention of...

st. joseph school
2icap-jcap+xkcap is a unit vector than find the value of x?

st. joseph school
vector A =icap+jcap +2kcap. find a vector B which is perpendicular to vector A and whose magnitude is 5.

physics 1
Problem 1) I don't understand how they got the answers for A) and B) : Ima Rushin can travel from Milwaukee Avenue to the school entrance gate at a constant speed of 22.5 m/s when the lights are green and there is no traffic. On Wednesday, Ima is stopped by a red light at ...

Physics projectile motion
A football player kicks a ball with a soeed of 22.4 m/s at an angle of 49 degrees above the horizontal from a distance of 39.0 m from the goal post, A). By how much does the ball clear or fall short of clearing the crossbar of the goalpost if the that bar is 3.05 m high? B). ...

Language Arts
1)In all together now, Barbara Jordan's main purpose is to a)persuade readers that a tolerant society is best created by working on a small scale.*** b)inform readers of the civil rights movement in the United States. c)praise the work of the leaders of the civil rights ...

Mr. Martin springs off a 5 meter high diving board with an upward velocity of 20 m/s. A. Find Mr. Martin's height, velocity and acceleration after 0.5 seconds. B. Determine when Mr. Martin will hit the water. C. What is Mr. Martin's maximum height off the board? D. What is Mr...

Mr. Martin springs off a 5 meter high diving board with an upward velocity of 20 m/s. A. Find Mr. Martin's height, velocity and acceleration after 0.5 seconds. B. Determine when Mr. Martin will hit the water. C. What is Mr. Martin's maximum height off the board? D. What is Mr...

Methodist High School
the area of sq is 1024 1)find its each side 2)find its perimeter 3)find the time taken by a man to make 5 rounds of the feild walking at the speed of 4.5 km/h

dzwaboni sec school and am doing this subject(math literacy, history, geography,life science, life orientation, English and tshivenda
Am in grade 10 and I do maths what percentage should I get in maths literacy to do law degree?

St. Vivekanand sr. sec. school,bikaner
What is the value of iota to the power iota i.e.i^i

High-speed stroboscopic photographs show that the head of a 192 g golf club is traveling at 44.4 m/s just before it strikes a 45.9 g golf ball at rest on a tee. After the collision, the club head travels (in the same direction) at 28.7 m/s. Find the speed of the golf ball ...

There are 180 days of school; 40 weeks. You have a six day cycle in your schedule. You have health twice a cycle (2 days out of 6 days in the six day cycle). How many classes of health?

1. She was drying her hair with the hair drier. 2. Dry your body with this big towel. 3. After bath, you need to keep your body dry not to catch a cold. 4. Study hard, and you will get high scores. 5.Practice ping-pong hard, or you will lose the game. 6. Work hard, and you ...

1)Which of the following food is high in protein? A. apple B. Carrot C. Chicken*** D. Pasta 2)Of the five food groups, which should be consumed in the smallest amount? A. Dairy**** B. Fruits C. Grains D. Protein 3)Which food would be considered to be a nutrient-poor snack ...

If you are in line early, youll be sure to get the best tickets. A. Compound-complex B. complex C. Compound D. SImple 2. Heather is in charge of decorations, and Enrique is bringing snacks. A. simple B. Compound C. Complex D. Compound-complex 3. My two dogs are named Hannah ...

general study
According to the College Board study: A. there is no correlation between higher education and higher earnings. B. there is no difference in income between high school and college graduates. C. education pays only among men in all racial and ethnic groups. D. the gap in income ...

According to Gardner, intelligence quotient (IQ) is the only barometer as to how students will succeed outside of school. A. The statement is true. B. The statement is false. C. The statement did not originate from Gardner. D. The statement is partly accurate.

Social sudies
What was the purpose of the Missouri Compromise? A) It was an attempt to annex new territories from Mexico. B) It was an attempt to abolish slavery in the United States. C) It was passed to force South Carolina to secede from the Union. D) It was an attempt to balance ...

English writing
Q you have recently returned to live in your home country after being up abroad for the last three years. You find that many things have changed. Now that you are home, writes a letter to a friend. In your letter you should: This drive how you are feeling now that you are back...

Write the fraction as a percent. Round to the nearest hundredth of a percent where necessary. a) 33.33% b) 66.67% c) 83.33% <------------- b) 1.20% 2. Write the decimal 0.063 as a percent. a) 0.63% b) 6.3% <-------------- c) 63% d)630% 3. A survey at your school found ...

in 200, the population at Arlington Middle School was approximately 421 students. In 2010, the population was approximately 584 students. Find the percent of change in the population at Arlington Middle School from 2000-2010 and identify it as an increase or decrease 1 27.9% ...

The public school system in Georgia was the result of laws passed during

In a jar there are 4 red marbles 5 green marbles and 7 blue marbles. 1 what us the probability of selecting a red marble replacing it and then selecting a blue marble 2 What is the probability of selecting a red marble setting it aside and then selecting a blue marble 3 are ...

A ball is dropped from a height of 10 meter.If the energy of the ball reduces by 40% after striking the ground, how much high can the ball bounce back?

Aschool community had planned to reduce the number of agrade 10 students per class room by constructing additional class room. however,they constructed 4 less rooms than they aresult,the number of students per class was 10 more than they planned. if there is are ...

D.a.v public school, barauni
A+2B=2C+3D,kp=15,Temp =300k,find kc

Two flagpoles have 20 ft. and 25 ft. shadows respectively. If the shorter flagpole is 52 ft. tall, how high is the taller flagpole?

orgo has let out 50 meters of kite string when he observes that his kite is directly above zorna. if orgo is 35 meters from zorna, how high is the kite ?

5th grade math
The fifth-grade class at John Adams Middle School earned $428.81 at their school carnival. The money is being divided between 23 students to help pay for their class trip. How much money will each student receive? Round to the nearest hundredth. is it $18.60 ?

Lowndes High School
Name the triangle congruency statement.

Pythagorean Theorem
Shawn is building a wheelchair ramp onto his porch. If the porch is 36 inches high and Shawn wants the ramp to start 48 inches from the porch, how long does the ramp need to be?

To use an extension ladder safely, the base must be 1 m out from the wall for every 2 m of vertical height. a) What is the maximum angle of elevation, to the nearest degree, to the top of the ladder? b) If the ladder is extended to 4.72 m in length, how high can it safely ...

A.V. M. Sr. sec. school faridabad
Tom takes 3 days to do a piece of work while jerry takes only one day for the same. Together, they both can finish the job in 15 days. In how many days tom will finish the work?

Social Studies (Check, Please!)
1. Why did Hoover oppose the federal government's participation in relief programs? A: Hoover opposed the federal government's participation in relief programs because he believed that only state and city governments should dispense relief. 2. How did Americans react as the ...

Ira built a model of the great pyramid in Egypt for a school project. The great pyramid had a square base with sides of length 756feet the height of the great pyramid is 481 feet Ira made his model pyramid using a scale of 1 inch :20 feet A.what is the length of each side of ...

Math 5th
Toby needs to bike 3 miles a day. He rides 1 5/8 miles to school, then 1/2 to the store. how many more miles does Toby need to ride to get 3 miles. Do I Add or multiply. Help

Hi, I was wondering if the world is going to change for Muslims now. You know after the Paris attacks and other stuff. I am a bit scared. I obviously do not support terrorism. But its not their fault. I don't think if someone from a religious group does something bad, then ...

Patsy has cheer-leading practice every fourth day. She wants to be in the school play, but they have practice every sixth day. If both start on September 5th, what would be the next date she has to choose between cheer-leading and play practice? Explain. This is really ...

Algebra 2
chrystal jogs from her house to school, a distance of 6.8 miles, at a constant rate of 4.2 miles per hour. If x represents the amount of time (in hours) since chrystal leaves her house, which formula represents chrystal's distance y (in miles) from school in terms of the ...

premier nursery and primary school
a boy spent half of his money on sweet and one quarter on kolanut,if he has 6 naira left,how much does he have initially

High Hills plc produce underwater turbines to generate energy and are considering introducing machinery that will reduce the labour hours required to produce a turbine from 5 hours to 2 hours for the remainder of the product life cycle of 3 years. The production volumes are ...

A gymnast on a high bar swings through two revolutions in a time of 1.90s. Find the angular velocity of the gymnast

a place kicker kick a ball 36m from a goal .which is 3.05 m leaves the ground 20 m/s at an angle 53 to the much the ball clear or fall short of clearing the bar

As part of a challenge lab, a student determines that a spring powered marble cannon will fire a 0.03kg marble to a maximum height of 0.8m when the cannon is set to the second medium firing position and fired vertically A. If setting the medium firing position requires that ...

The spring in a spring loaded cannon has a spring constant of 470N/m. A 0.05kg ball bearing is loaded into the cannon and the spring is compressed 0.1m. What will be the velocity of the ball bearing the instant before it hits the ground if the cannon s fired horizontally off ...

9.During the basketball season, Diane took 134 shots and made about 56% of them. a. How many shots did Diane make? b. The team made a total of 498 shots. What percent of the team’s made shots did Diane make? (1 point) 24 shots; 15.1% 753 shots; 27% 240 shots; 27% 75 shots; ...

1. Write the fraction 8/9 as a percent. Round to the nearest hundredth of a percent where necessary. 88.89% 1.13% 44.44% 66.67% 2.Write the decimal 0.041 as a percent 41% 4.1% 410% 0.41% 3.A survey at your school found that 792 in 1,220 students have a cell phone. what percent...

What is an example of a country with a high birth rate and how is it coping? What is an example of a country with a low birth rate and how is it coping

a survey at your school found that 792 in 1,220 students have a cell phone. what percent of the students in have a cell phone? round to the nearest hundredth where necessary 6.49% 54.04% 64.92% 79.20%****

english lit
The feeling that things weren't as good as they seemed is described best by which image in "Borders"? A. " if she were trying to see through a bad storm or riding high on black ice." *** B. "...if she wasn't spreading jelly on the truth..." C. "coyote went fishing, one ...

math help please
Write a ratio for the situation in three ways, comparing the first quantity to the second quantity. A zoo has 17 monkeys and 12 chimpanzees. (1 point) 12 to 17, 12:17, twelve over seventeen17 to 12, 17:12, 17 over 1217 to 22, 17:22, 17 over 1217 to 12, 12:17, 17 over 12 2. ...

An Olympic high jumper starts running. As she approaches the bar, she pushes off the ground and lifts her body off the ground and flies over the bar. She then falls down into a large padding on the ground. Describe the energy transformation: The _________ energy in food that ...

1.)It is important to choose simple carbohydrates for breakfast to get you started for your day. A.)True or B.)False My answer: A 2.)Each meal must include a food from each food group in MyPlate. A.)True or B.)False 3.)When choosing a snack it it important a select a food that...

School play tickets are $5.00 for none students and $3.00 for students. 937 ticket were sold for $3943.00 How many student tickets were sold and how many none student tickets were sold ?

burke county middle school
A deposit of 7,500 earns 3,900 over a period of 8 years. What is the simple interest rate?

1.Which literary device is used in the following sentence? According to that report, these special materials can bend "radar light, or other waves around an object like water flowing around a smooth rock in a stream." A.simile B.metaphor C.alliteration D.personification 2....

1.Which of the following graphics would add the most relevant information to "The Deadliest Tsunami in History"? A.a photograph of an animal that escaped to high ground illustration showing the kinds of food that victims received as aid C.a chart listing dates and ...

There a high school elective that when you learn about basic vital signs, basic pathology, basic medical asepsis, basic health problems, etc. I forgot the name... do you know?

How did the embargo act of 1807 affect south Carolina? hurt the sale of the planters rice and cotton. hurt the planters who needed british manufactured goods. C. it hurt the small farmers who needed to import food products from the west indies. D. it hurt aristocrats...

Ivey international school
What is Conservation of momentum?

What does Huck mean at the end of the chapter 3 when he compares Tom's lies to Sunday school?

If someone could help me with these 6 questions, that would be great, Thank you. :) 5.) Chris wants to buy a cell phone that costs $215.00. His parents say Chris must raise 35% of the money himself. How much money much Chris raise? A.$705.00 B.$75.25 <------I believe it's ...

Language Arts
1. Which sentence contains an opinion? (1 point) Thomas Jefferson supported American independence from Great Britain. He was a lawyer in his home state of Virginia. Jefferson authored the Declaration of Independence, the most important document in history.•• He became the ...

Chakote school solapur
if three resistors are connected in parallel there are 10 ohm 20 ohm and 60 ohm to a battery of 12 volt then find the effective resistance ?

Salt water is poured into a U tube until it stands 0.250 m high in each arm. Oil is then added slowly to one arm until the salt water in the other arm stands 0.300 m high. The free surface of the oil then stands at 0.321 m high. (the weight density of the salt water is 10,100N...

Dr. D ram D.A.V. Public school
A parabola y²=4x cuts the circle with centre at (6,5) orthogonal then the possible points of intersection between the curves are?

Two ocean beaches are being affected by erosion. The table shows the width, in feet, of each beach at high tide measured where 1995 is represented by year 0. Western beach width Dunes beach Year number (in feet) width (in feet) 0 100 20 5 90 45 10 80 70 11 78 75 12 76 80 15 70...

Behavioral Statistics Help!
Suppose we had conducted an ANOVA, with individuals grouped by political affiliation (Republican, Democrat, and Other), and we were interested in how satisfied they were with the current administration. Satisfaction was measured on a scale of 1-10, so it was measured on a ...

Why does Douglass state that “education and slavery were incompatible with each other”? There wasn’t time for slaves to go to school; they had too much work to do Being educated meant that slaves might question their existence and try to escape <---? Slaves do not ...

Identify the choice that best describes the underlined clause: Doves, WHICH ARE CONSIDERED SYMBOLS OF PEACE AND BEAUTY, are related to plain old pigeons. a. independent clause b. adjective clause*** c. adverb clause d. noun clause Which of the following sentences is punctuated...

Why does Douglass state that “education and slavery were incompatible with each other”? There wasn’t time for slaves to go to school; they had too much work to do Being educated meant that slaves might question their existence and try to escape Slaves do not need an ...

1. A science teacher wanting to demonstrate centripetal acceleration holds a bucketful of water by its handle and spins it in a vertical circle. If the teacher’s arm is 1.15m long, at what speed must the bucket be rotated so that at the top of its path there is no tension ...

To repair a roof that is 4 meters high, Mr. Russo leans a 5-meter ladder against the side of the building. To reach the roof, how far away from the building should he place the base of the ladder?

Social studies
Can ya'll check my answer and help me with the 2 I don't know? :) Sectionalism grew in the southern states due to A) an increase in federal regulations on southern industry. B) holidays established to celebrate national events. C) the South's economic dependency on slavery...

jamindan national high school
If the measures of one of the angles in a complementary pair is 20˚ more than that of the other find the measure of each angle

at clearwood jr high 4% of the students ride bikes to schhol. If 650 students attend clearwood jr. high, how many ride a bike to school?

at Clearwood Jr. High 4%of the students ride bikes to school. If 650 students attend Clearwood JR. High, how many ride bikes to school?

english 3
Which sentence has correct capitalization? a. The wrestling match was between our high school and King High School in Austin, Texas. b.The wrestling match was between our high school and King High School in austin, Texas. c.The wrestling match was between our High School and ...

A storage tank of negligible mass and 30m high is filled with gasoline. Please calculate the following. Use density values found in the book. a) The gauge pressure and absolute pressure at the bottom of the tank. b) The force that acts on a square access hatch at the bottom of...

boston high school
find the circumference of a circle if the diameter is 5.15 meters

Pre - Cal
) The main cables of a suspension bridge are 20 meters above the road at the towers and 4 meters above the road at the center. The road is 80 meters long. Vertical cables are spaced every 10 meters. The main cables hang in the shape of a parabola. Find the equation of the ...

pre calc
Suppose you get on a Ferris Wheel that has a diameter of 40 meters and turns at a rate 1.5 revolutions per minute (the period is not 1.5 ) the height above the ground in meters, of your seat after t minutes can be modeled by an equation. Assume you get on the ride at t=0 min ...

Frontier Middle School
Math If a person walks 2 miles in 35 minutes, how many miles does it walk in 10 minutes ?

Uche spends half of his school day in literacy class. He has 3 literacy classes. what fraction of the day does Uche spend in each of his 3 literacy classes. can someone help me

A baseball player hits a home run over the left-field fence, which is 104 m from home plate. The ball is hit at a point 1.08 m directly above home plate, with an initial velocity directed 35.0° above the horizontal. By what distance does the baseball clear the 3.00 m high ...

Grover Cleveland high school
Ramy jumped from the window from the height of 400 feet. His speed of feeling was 10 feet. second write a functions to represent the situation.explain the answer please

Math grade 5-6
Alice works part-time after school. On Monday, Alice records that she worked three and two-sixth hours. On Tuesday, Alice records that she worked one and seventy-five hundredths hours. On Wednesday, Alice records that she worked two and two-thirds hours. On Friday, Alice ...

A brick is initially 12.90 cm high and an aluminum can is initially 12.91 cm high. By how much must their temperatures be raised in order for the brick and the can to have exactly the same height?

1. Which of the following did George Washington do during his presidency? -established a cabinet of advisers** -limited himself to one term in office -offered military support in foreign wars -served ties with Great Britain 2. What precedent did George Washington set by ...

1. A weatherman reports, “The storm waves are about 2 meters high and about 35 meters apart.” What properties of waves is the reporter describing? (1 point) A. frequency and wavelength B. wavelength and wave speed C. amplitude and wavelength*** D. amplitude and frequency 7...

A 45.0 kg diver steps off a 8.0 m high diving board and drops straight down into the water. If the diver comes to rest 5.0 m below the surface of the water, determine the average resistance force exerted on the diver by the water.

a.u.d senior high school mathematics
A girl is 160cm tall stands from the foot of a building. She finds that the angle of elevation of the top of the building is 27 degree. Calculate the height of the building to the nearest 1/2 meter. Give the solution

Help with College Stat class
c) There is a correlation between students’ levels of anxiety and the number of days they are absent from school (r = 0.53, p = 0.31). Interpret if this result was statistically significant and explain why or why not.

Structure, Function, Information Processing Test: Unit2 1. Enzymes are important because they: contain water speed up chemical reactions***** contain genetic material help the cell maintain its shape. 2. Which term refers to the diffusion of water through a membrane? osmosis...

c) There is a correlation between students’ levels of anxiety and the number of days they are absent from school (r = 0.53, p = 0.31). Interpret if this result was statistically significant and explain why or why not. My answer is this: The analysis gives us a correlation ...

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