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In a gp fifth is 4 times the 3rd term and sum of first two terms is -4. Find the terms of gp

I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO DO THE WORK FOR THIS QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find the length of each side(triangle) first side-x second side-x+2 third side-x+3 Perimeter=35m "answer = 10m, 12m, 13m" ^^^^how do you get this???

Algebra 2
Describe an infinite geometric series with a beginning value of 2 that converges to 10. What are the first 4 terms of the series? Last question and my mind is fried, can someone please help me? Thanks

Algebra 2
On a cold winter night, Anna makes a cup of hot cocoa. When she takes the first sip, she realizes that the cocoa is too hot to drink. She drops a thermometer into the cup and discovers that the cocoa is 170° F. After 20 minutes, she tries again and the cocoa is still too hot ...

Two small balls are attached to a rigid rod of mass 2.2 kg that is 6.0 m in length. The first ball has a mass of 2.25 kg and the second ball has a mass of 4.95 kg. (c) What is the moment of inertia of the rod when it spins around its center of mass?

Language Arts
Question: Poets use imagery and words with different connotations and denotations. In a paragraph, define and provide an example of imagery, connotation, and denotation. Then, explain how poets use these elements to contribute to tone in a poem. Support your answer with ...

The party of kejriwal walks from gwalior to Bhuvneshwar. They first walk straight for 150km and then turn 45 ddegree towards Varansi and again go straight for 120km how for have they travelled from the initial place. Please show the method.

Billy Isastar, a famous basketball player, is not a very good free throw shooter. He manages to connect on 65% of his attempts. What is the probability that the first free throw Johnny hits in a game is on his fourth attempt? a. .015 b. .028 c. .179 d. .096

Mark put $3290 into a bank that offered 3% interest rate compounded monthly. Mark kept the money in this account for 9 years and then moved all this money to a new account that offered 6% interest rate compounded weekly. Do not round any numbers until you get to an answer. How...

calculate the first ten term of an Arithmetic progression whose 5th term is 24 and the difference the 7th and 10th term is 15

calculus review please help!
1) Find the area of the region bounded by the curves y=arcsin (x/4), y = 0, and x = 4 obtained by integrating with respect to y. Your work must include the definite integral and the antiderivative. 2)Set up, but do not evaluate, the integral which gives the volume when the ...

You invested money into two funds. Last year,the first fund paid a dividend of 8% and the second a dividend of 5%, and you received a total of $1330. This year, the first fund paid a 12% dividend and the second only 2% and you received a total of $1500. How much did you invest...

physics/maths help damon or steve or scott
A body moves in a straight line,with initial velocity and uniform acceleration.find how far it travels in 12sec.,given that it travels 246m in the first 6 sec.,and 69m in the last 3sec.find the initial velocity. Please show step

the angles of of evolution of the top of a hill from the City centres of two towns on either side of the hill are observed to be 30° and 60° respectively. if the distance of hill of the top from the city centre of first is 9 kilometre find in kilometres the distance ...

Calc AB
I've been trying to solve this problem for the past 45 minutes and could really use some help. I'm given that water flows into a tank at a rate of (5t+4) gallons/min. Water flows out of the tank at a rate of 0.5(t^2) gallons/min. At t=0 min the tank contains 100 gallons. The ...

There were some people on the bus. At the first stop 19 people got off and 17 people got in. Now there are 63 people inside the bus. How many were there at the start? We have to find THREE ways I found Two : 1) 19-17 = 2 63 + 2 = 65 2). 63 - 17 = 46 46 + 19 = 65 I need help ...

Hi I did a quiz today it said I got A 5/9 but it did not show me the correct answers or the ones i missed so if it could be possible that someone could the answers so I could see which ones I need to fix please help me I just came here to see which ones are correct also I'm ...

The region in the first quadrant bounded by the x-axis, the line x = π, and the curve y = cos(cos(x)) is rotated about the x-axis. What is the volume of the generated solid? a. 1.921 b. 3.782 c. 6.040 d. 8.130

You have the numbers 1- 10 in a bag.You draw a slip at random and draw another without replacing the first. Find the probability that both numbers are odd.

social studies, WW1 times
10. Which of the following is the most likely reason why many Mexicans were opposed to American investment in their country? O Many Mexicans wanted to invest their own money in property and businesses in Mexico. O Most Mexicans remained poor while Americans invested in Mexico'...

Four men, Eddie Jake, Deon, and Fred are watchmen in a small factory in Lorain. Their job consists of two daily shifts of six hours each, interrupted by a rest of several hours. At any hour of the day or night there must always be two men on duty. However, no two men's shifts ...

Mental Health
Hello I am working on DSM questions and am having problems with selecting the correct response can you help. Here are the questions I am not sure about. Michael was recently diagnosed by his psychiatrist with bipolar disorder. He reports that his mother was diagnosed in her ...

math- factoring
The question is ax^2+bx+c=(2x-7)(x-3) for all values of x, What is the value of b? The teacher went over and said the answer is -13, but I am not sure how she got that. Can you please explain. Thank you! I did the first part (2x-7)(x-3) 2x^2-6x-7x+21 2x^2-13x+21 here x=-13 but...

In electrical engineering, a continuous function like f(t)=sin(t), where t is in seconds, is referred to as an analog signal. To digitize the signal, we sample f(t) every ∆t seconds to form the sequence Sn= f(n∆t). For example, sampling f every 1/10 second produces the ...

Find the point of the parabola z= x^2+y^2 which is closest to the point (3 -6 4) B_ find the centroid of the first quare the area bounded by parabola y=x^2 and the line y= x2bar Cadet ermine the centroid of the first quarter to area of the curve x=acos^3theta y=sine^3theta

Business studies
A machine was purchased with money borrowed from the bank at a cost of k50000.00 which is expected to last for 6 years and depreciated at 12.5% per 6,the depreciated value and the accumulated interest for year two (2)year (6) .The first calculation has been done for you. Year ...

Which of the following lines from a&p illustrates updikes use of conflict A. the whole store was like a pinball and I didn't know which one they'd come out of. B. you could see the, when Queenie's white shoulders dawned on then, kind of move, or hop, or hiccup but their eyes ...

Two shelves contain 55 books. If half of the books from the second shelf were relocated to the first shelf, then the first shelf would contain 4 times more books than the second one. How many books are there on each shelf?

Social studies
why was the americans attack on manila harbor in the philippines important for a quick american victory in the spanish american war? The United States relied on war supplies from Asia and securing the Philippines protected those.••• The United States was able to crush ...

1. Math is complex but useful. 2. Math is complicated but useful. (Are both okay? Which syllable is stressed in 'complex'? First syllable or second syllable? There seem to be two ways in the dictionary.)

There are 6 cyclists in a race. There will be a first-place and a second-place prize awarded. In how many different ways can the 2 prizes be awarded?

One sequence of alternating terms of the series 1+2+3+4+5+8+... forms an arithmetic progression, while the other sequence of alternating terms forms a geometric progression. Sum the first 10 terms of each progression and hence find the sum of the first 20 terms of the series.

algebra, series
The sum of the first n terms of a series is 1-(3/4). Obtain an expression for the nth term of the series. Prove that the series is geometric, and state the values of the first term and the common ratio. Please show workings

AP Physics
A block and a spool have the same mass, and are each pulled across a level, frictionless surface by a string, as shown to the right. The string pulling the spool is wrapped around it many times, and the other string is fastened to the center of the block. Both hands pull with ...

A block and a spool have the same mass, and are each pulled across a level, frictionless surface by a string, as shown to the right. The string pulling the spool is wrapped around it many times, and the other string is fastened to the center of the block. Both hands pull with ...

1. Part A In Act 1, Scene 5, the young Scrooge’s beloved ends their relationship. She says, “Have I not seen your nobler aspirations fall off one by one, until the master—passion, Gain, engrosses you?” From this dialogue, what can you conclude is her reason for ...

Which of the following is a good test-taking strategy for multiple-choice questions? A)answer C is almost always the correct answer, so pick answer C if you don't know the answer. B)read the answers first, then read the question. C)when in doubt, provide two answers. D)after ...

World History
I am not allowed to type in an internet address so just google "Women! help America's Sons Win The War poster". It should be the first few results in the 'image' section. Which of the following is the primary argument being made by this World War I propaganda poster? A. All ...

Determine two positive integers such as 5 less than two times the first number is the second number. The sum of the second number and the square of the first is 115.

[Note: I did the first half of this question by myself and got it correct. But I got the second half wrong] Question: How much work does the electric field do in moving a proton from a point with a potential of +160 V to a point where it is -45 V ? Express your answer in ...

The eighth term of an arithmetic series is twice the third term. The sum of the first eight terms are 39.Calculate the first term. Please help i've been stuck for hours on this question

The eighth term of an arithmetic series is twice the third term. The sum of the first eight terms are 39.Calculate the first term. Please help

Select the excerpt from "Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan that best describes language bias. 1. I've heard other terms used, "limited English," for example. But they seem just as bad, as if everything is limited, including people's perceptions of the limited-English speaker. 2. I ...

1. Which is a set of collinear points? J,H,I L,H,J J,G,L L,K,H 2. Use the diagram to identify a segment parallel to. 3. The meadure of angles A is 124. Classify the angle as acute, right, obtuse, or straight. Acute Straight Right Obtuse 4. Find the measures of the complement ...

Which of the following sentences from "Five Hours to Simla" best illustrates the mood of frustration? (1 point) • "After the first cacophony of screeching brakes and grinding gears. there followed the comparatively static hum of engines, and drivers waited in exasperation ...

* What is the average of the first n positive even numbers?

Math help! Check my answers ASAP!
1. Which graph most likely describes the distance a person walks in a 24-hour period? (1 point) a. Graph IV** b. Graph II c. Graph I d. Graph III 2. A car traveling at 25 mi/h accelerates to 48 mi/h over the first 5 seconds. It maintains that speed for the next 5 seconds, and ...

One rectangle is twice as long as it is wide. The second rectangle is 3cm longer than the first one, and 1cm narrower than the first one. The areas of both rectangles are the same. What are the dimensions of the first rectangle?

LA Check!
from “The Walrus and the Carpenter” by Lewis Carroll 1 The sun was shining on the sea, Shining with all his might: He did his very best to make The billows smooth and bright— 5 And this was odd, because it was The middle of the night. The moon was shining sulkily, ...

how did rachel carson affect the environment? A: she wrote a book that caused congress to ban a pesticide. B: she developed the technology that allow us to recycle. C: she started the celebration of earth day. D: she was the first director of the environmental protection agency

For an A.P. the first term is 25 and 20th term is 500. Find the common difference.

Number of different words that can be formed using all the letters of the word DEEPMALA if two vowels are together and the other two are also together but separated from the first two

Let R be the first quadrant region enclosed by y=e^2, y=e^x and the y-axis. The area of region R is? I don't understand why is the interval is from [0-2]. Thanks

Find the first, fourth, and tenth terms of the arithmetic sequence described by the given rule. A(n)=-2+(n-1)(-2.2)

Use properties of exponents to simplify the given expression. First express the answer in exponential form. Then evaluate the expression. 3^2 3^3=

further maths
find the sum of the first eight term of a linear sequence whose first term is 6 and whose last term is 46 the sum of the first ten term of a linear sequence is 60 and the sum of the first fifteen term is 165 find the 18 term of the sequence

mathematics steve
A bag contain 10 oranges and 5 mangoes. Two fruits are drawn at random without replacement,what is the probability that the second fruit is a mango given that the first was an orange?

a mobile phone company charge for a local call such that $0.5 in the first minute and $0.3 every minute there after. Find a formula for the total amount charged for call lasting in x minutes

The grocery store parking lot is shaped like a parallelogram. Mr.Campbell is paving the parking lot.The area of the parking lot is 6x^2-3x-3m^2. what are the measures of the height and base of the parking lot. i did 3(2x^2-x-m^2) as my first step but now i am confused.

computer programming
Create the psuedocode for an application class named Monogram. Its main() method holds three variables that hold your first, middle, and last initials, respectively. Create a method to which you pass the three initials and that displays the initials twice—once in the order ...

Accounting Help (with answers for checking)
Ben Guslists, vice-president of sales, has recommended adding a new product line. A market study and cost analysis show that the new line should yield the following annual results: New Sales $2,800,000.00 Cost of Sales $1,600,000.00 Operating Expenses $200,000.00 Total ...

A bag contains red and blue marbles. Two marbles are drawn without replacement. The probability of selecting a red marble and then a blue marble is 0 .28. The probability of selecting a red marble on the first draw is 0.5. What is the probability of selecting a blue marble on ...

You are visiting your friend Fabio’s house. You find that, as a joke, he filled his swimming pool with Kool-Aid, which dissolved perfectly into the water. However, now that you want to swim, you must remove all of the Kool-Aid contaminated water. The swimming pool is round...

How do I compare ages using mean and median. For the first group 12 was both the mean and the median while for the second group, 16 was the mean while 18.5 was the median.

Which lines from this excerpt of Jefferson Davis’s Inaugural Address show that Davis believed that he and his fellow citizens had the right to rebel against the government if it failed them? A. Called to the difficult and responsible station of Chief Executive of the ...

An Aircraft Flies Round A Triangular Course. The First Leg Is 200km On A Bearing Of 115km And The Second Leg Is 150km On A Bearing Of 250km. Draw A Diagram For This

1. Jacob mixes the letters J, K, L, J, K, M, N, and P thoroughly. Without looking, Terry draws one letter. Expressed as a fraction, decimal, and percentage, what is the probability that K will not be the letter Terry selects? (1 point) one-fourth, 0.25, 25% three-fourths, 0.75...

An extremely dense neutron star with mass equal to that of the Sun has a radius of about 10 km −about the size of Manhattan Island. These stars are thought to rotate once about their axis every 0.03 to 4 s, depending on their size and mass. Suppose that the neutron star ...

In Another Country by Ernest Hemingway (excerpts) Excerpt 1 "In the fall the war was always there, but we did not go to it any more. It was cold in the fall in Milan and the dark came very early. Then the electric lights came on, and it was pleasant along the streets looking ...

world history
Please check my answers. 1. Which of the following separates the Arabian Peninsula from Africa? 1.The Persian Gulf 2.The Red Sea*** 3.the Indian Ocean 4.The Mediterranean Sea 2. Why is food often used as a positive benefit of the Colombian exchange, as described in this lesson...

math 6th grade
mrs.smith class sold bars as a fundraiser. mrs smith made a line plot after the first week to describe the sales so far. the horizontal axis represents the of candy bars sold that week.

Social Studies HELP.
10. What non-weapon tactic did the Allies use effectively against the Nazis? A. sending troops to non-combat areas to divert attention from the real target B. sending propaganda to European nations denouncing the Nazis C. sending battlefield communication in the Navajo ...

Last night, Greg was reading a book. At first, he was sitting next to the lamp, which was very bright. Greg could see all of the words in the book very well. Then, he moved to a chair that was farther away from the lamp. It was less bright in the spot where Greg moved. He had ...

A lightbulb is installed. With probability 1/3, it burns out immediately when it is first installed. With probability 2/3, it burns out after an amount of time that is uniformly distributed on [0,3]. The expected value of the time until the lightbulb burns out is

Technical writing
Identify the sentence that is punctuated correctly. Select one: a. In December 2013 I visited my aunt for Christmas in Allentown, Pennsylvania, for the first time in 20 years. b. In December 2013, I visited my aunt for Christmas in Allentown, Pennsylvania for the first time in...

The store is selling lemons at $0.33 each. Each lemon yields about 2 tablespoons of juice. How much will it cost to buy enough lemons to make four 9-inch lemon pies, each requiring half a cup of lemon juice? The first time I tried it, it was 1.32 then i try again and it was 2....

There are three consecutive even integers such that the sum of the first two integers is four less than the third integer. What are the integers?

English Lit
Manuel Munoz "leave your name at the border" and Maya Angelou "Whats your name girl" Discuss the importance of names as it relates and shapes identity. Compare and contrast these two works and how each contributes whether negatively or positively to how ones name is indicative...

Find three consecutive odd integers such that four times the middle integer is two more than the sum of the first and third.

The Royal Fruit Company produces two types of fruit drinks. The first type is 60% pure fruit juice, and the second type is 100% pure fruit juice. The company is attempting to produce a fruit drink that contains 70% pure fruit juice. How many pints of each of the two existing ...

Find three consecutive odd integers such that four times the middle integer is two more than the sum of the first and third. I think I'm doing it wrong. 4((x)+(x+2)=x+(x+4)+2 4(2x+4)=2+3x+6 8x+16=3x+8 5x=8 ? Please help

A flywheel turns through 60 rev as it slows from an angular speed of 2.8 rad/s to a stop. How much time is required for it to complete the first 30 of the 60 revolutions?

Tyrone makes a cup of hot tea. He records the temperature of the tea right after making it. He also measures the temperature of the tea every few minutes as the tea cools. Fill in the blanks with the words below: The _____ depends on the _______. This means that time is the ...

t = time d = distance Alana walking rate: 1 meter per second Gilberto walking rate: 2 meters per second Leanne walking rate: 2.5 rating per second Alana Equation: d = t Gilberto Equation: d = 2t Leanne Equation: d = 2.5t I made a table for the first ten seconds of each of the ...

In a plan for area​ codes, the first digit could be any number from 2 through 8, the second digit was either 0 or 1​, and the third digit could be any number except 0. With this​ plan, how many different area codes were​ possible? My answer: 7*8*2=112

Consider the function on the interval (0, 2π). f(x) = x + 2 sin x relative maximum (x, y) = relative minimum (x, y) = From when I worked out using the first derivative test, I ended up with (2π, 0) for the max and (0,0) for the min. Apparently this isn't correct.

After World War II, which two nations remained as "Superpowers" on the world stage? America and Greece Japan and Germany America and Russia*** Russia and New Zealand Genocide is a word first popularized after the atrocities of WWII. Genocide means: Theft of all property ...

HELP Voices in Verse Unit Test: Closed Book
"President Lincoln’s Declaration of Emancipation, January 1, 1863" by Frances E. W. Harper 1 It shall flash through coming ages, 2 It shall light the distant years; 3 And eyes now dim with sorrow 4 Shall be brighter through their tears. 5 It shall flush the mountain ranges, ...

What is the sum of the first 10 terms of the sequence defined by an = 2n - 3?

PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWERS :) answers marked below 1. Which of Earth’s spheres contains most of its mass? (1 point) atmosphere *** hydrosphere geosphere biosphere 2. Erosion and weathering are examples of which types of forces? (1 point) constructive forces destructive forces...

Chemistry Lab
*The decomposition of acetaldehyde is a first order reaction with a specific rate constant of 6.0 X 10^-1 / min. CH₃CHO --> CH₄ + CO 1. Calculate the initial rate when the concentration of acetaldehyde is 0.80M. 2. Calculate the time needed for the concentration of the ...

Let 5x^2 - 3xy + 58 = 2y^3 Use implicit differentiation to find y' for the above equation. The first thing I did was move 2y^3 over to that everything is equal to 0. With the -3xy I used the product rule and expanded that. After solving I got.... 10x(3 * y + 3x * 1dy/dx)- 6y^...

A 23.7 kg child, with a 4.35 kg backpack on his back, first stands on a sidewalk and then jumps up into the air. Find the net force (positive up/negative down) on Earth due to the child when the child is (c) standing still and (d) in the air.

Two resistors, 6 ohms and 18 ohms are connected in parallel and the combination is connected in series with a 2 ohm resistor. Find the current through each of the first two resistors if the current through the 2 ohm resistor is 1.2 ampere. What is the voltage across each ...

:Select the correct excerpt. Which excerpt from Robert Stawell Ball's Great Astronomers is best supported by this diagram? The diagram show the earth in the middle the sun circling it then the moon circling earth but farther away with mars circling the moon Excerpt 1 These ...

Which label best fits the following text? Sir Isaac Newton, the first person who studied gravity seriously, discovered what is known as the law of universal gravitation. It defines the amount of attraction of one particle of matter on another particle of matter. The formula ...

An urn contains 14 white balls and 6 red balls. two balls are to be selected in succession, at random and without replacement what is the probability that i) both balls are white, ii) the first ball in white and the second ball is red, iii) one white ball and one red ball are ...

Suppose that z=f(x,y) is defined implicitly by an equation of the form F(x,y,z)=0. Find formulas for the partial derivatives ∂f/∂x and ∂f/∂y in terms of F1,F2,F3 To enter your answer use F1, F2, F3 as the partial derviatives of Fwith respect to its first, second, and ...

1. The current atomic model would be revised if better microscopes were being used to study its structure. better microscopes are invented in the future. new information about an atom’s structure is discovered. ********** a new element is discovered in the future. 2. Melinda...

The ratio of Jim’s money to Peter’s money was 4 : 7 at first. After Jim spent half of his money and Peter spent $60, Peter had twice as much money as Jim. How much money did Jim have at first?

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