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the parts of speech
1. Write the verb "see" in the present perfect tense. Use the pronoun "I" as the subject. A. I am seeing. B. I am seen. C. I have seen. D. I see. A? 2. Which kind of adjective is used most frequently in ordinary speech or writing? A. Proper B. Common C. Article D. ...

Business English
I need help writing this: You’ve applied for a specific job in your field of study. The Human Resources Department arranges an interview and tells you to bring with you a polished piece of writing for them to evaluate your writing skills. The paragraph must describe one ...

writing skills
A clause from sentence (i) has been turned into a(n) _______ in sentence (ii). (i) Since she knew what the lecture was about, she didn't attend the meeting. (ii) Knowing what the lecture was about, she didn't attend the meeting. A. relative pronoun B. infinitive C. phrase D. ...

English (HELP)
I need an example of a regular writing scene portfolio and of a dramatic writing scene portfolio??????

Are the pronouns I put down right? My answers are the ones in parentheses 1. The trip led to an argument between Helen and _____. (I) 2. It was ____ who demanded an apology from the newspaper. (us) 3. We appreciated ____ writing a personal letter to explain his stand on the ...

Tom Schriber, a director of personnel of Management resources, Inc. is in the process of designing a program that its customers can use in the job finding process. Some of the activites include preparing resumes, writing letters, making appointments to see prospective ...

Comp and communication
What are 200 words to explain the importance of purpose,audience,tone,and content in academic writing?

1.the trip led to an argument between Helen and ____ a.I 2. It was ____ who demanded an apology from the newspaper. a.we 3. We appreciated ____ writing a personal letter to explain his stand on the issue. a.his b.him 4. The most outspoken critics were my sister and ...

I am having trouble understanding what the concept is for writing these out. Write a balanced nuclear equation for the alpha decay of each of the following radioactive isotopes: curium-243, 22589Ac

Writing Skills
1) Frequently their renovation need to be completely redone. 1 need 2 needed 3 were needing 4 will have been needing 5 needs 2)If we were teenagers at the time these licenses signified our passage to adulthood. 1 time these licenses 2 time, these licenses 3 time; these ...

Writing letters that will never be read frees you to say anything at all. You can write to those people whose petty meanness stung you or whose significant cruelties really hurt you. It’s open season on expressing as much rage or sadness or wonder as your heart can desire ...

Can we attain certainty about our beliefs about reality? If so, how? If not, why not? Be sure to define certainty carefully. This is not psychological certainty (feeling ‘sure’) but logical certainty: knowing and being able to prove that you cannot be wrong. You ...

Newspaper Article Writing
I have a project which asks me to write a newspaper article and I'm kind of confused about where the byline goes. The directions say that the byline appears "under the headline." I've never seen a byline go directly under a headline and that is probably not what they mean. Is ...

Hemingway once said, “For a long time now I have tried simply to write the best I can. Sometimes I have good luck...and write BETTER than I can.” What does this quote say about what Hemingway thought of his writing? A. His writing allows the reader to make interpretations...

english essay
can someone critique my essay, please? :) here's my instructions: Prompt 1: Considering what you have learned about Hemingway, his journalistic style, and how his experiences influence his writing, write a prediction for The Old Man and the Sea. Who is the old man? What kind ...

Math-Algebra 1
Part 1: When writing linear equations, how do you determine which form of a line to use? Part 2: Choose 1 set of points from the choices below. Then, solve the problem and post your solution, showing your steps. Write an equation in point-slope form for the line that passes ...

rhetoric (essay writing)
I just need a few ideas of what are the causes of racism in EGYPT and things that I can talk about relating to social class for my research paper please. Im focusing on "black" racism. Thanks :)

language arts
We saw the months of wicked weather, As day to painful night did turn, Waiting, huddled close together For the frozen sun’s return. Our nights were almost endless torture. Our food was gone. Our fuel was low. We came in search of grand adventure But ended trembling in the ...

I'm writing a paper on globalization and my thesis is that American fast-food restaurants are finding its way into countries in the eastern hemisphere. I'm having trouble coming up with analyzed content that this is able to be argued against. Are there any specific areas that ...

math(check answers please)
Can you please help me with writing fraction as decimal because im clueless with it! ------------------------- write the fraction as a decimal.28/15 A. 1.6 B. 1.86 C. 2.86 D. 28.15 ------------------------- Write an equivalent expression for 4g+2 using distributive property. A...

Child Develpoment
I'm writing an essay/interview on my partner. Is the word neglected a right way to describe how you would think she felt. By the fact that she was dressed as a boy. I was the first girl after my brothers. My mom went crazy with the dresses that she had sewn herself. In the ...

If anyone has "For All Practical Purposes" I am stuck on page 680, Writing Project # 2. It is just to long to post.

There is a placement test for Writing 121 and I need to earn a certain score as a prerequisite. What is the placement test like? Is it time?Can you give me a sample and grade it? We may have to keep track of each other posts.

what is diction ?

college letter edit
can someone help edit this? I literally need this in by tonight Dear Admissions, As I was recently speaking with an admissions officer from Uconn, I was exponentially pleased to be informed that the University of Connecticut has allowed for the submition of a writing ...

college essay cover letter
Can someone edit this Dear Admissions, I was pleased to find that the University of Connecticut allowed for applicants to submit a writing supplement along with their applications. So, I have taken this opportunity to show the main experiences that I have experienced the past ...

The first challenge to the confidence of these amateur renovators come with buying tools and equipment. What correction should be made to this sentence? 1 change challenge to chalenge 2 change come to comes 3 change come to came 4 change come to coming 5 change confidence to ...

The cost of new homes is high today. Many people are purchasing older homes in need of renovation. The most effective combination of sentence 1and2 would include which of the following groups of words? 1

Essay Title
Hi. I need help thinking of a title for the essay I am writing. The essay is about the Dominican Republic and Trujillo's regime. Specifically I am talking about how women who accept/deny female stereotypes accept/deny male domination. Can someone help me thing of a title. ...

Do you mind my opening the window? He narrowly escaped being drowned. He gave up smoking. He admitted having stolen the money. I could not avoid saying so. I finished writing my composition. Sam enjoyed swimming in the river. He stopped smoking. He suggested going on a picnic...

college essay
can someone edit my college essay? I was told by an admissions counselor to write a supplement describing my low cumulative GPA. It is a rough first draft, and probolaly needs to be heavily edited I am my truest and purest self, a mere child embarking on the beginning of the ...

Hi, this is more of a personal project rather than homework, but help would be appreciated all the same!! I'm writing a story and I don't know how long should my chapters be. I know that some can be 1 page while others are 20, but what do you think the average amount of pages ...

Magic Thesis Statement
Hi! I'm writing an essay about how women act according to male or female domination. Could you please look at my magic thesis and tell me if my why is well written. Thanks! By examining the gender context during Trujillo's regime, one can see that some women who are weak tend ...

Read the following short excerpt of student writing. Use your vocabulary and grammar knowledge to determine which suggestions you would make to improve his or her grammar and word choice. I really thought she loved me but I discovered her grave betrayal one afternoon. It was ...

Read the following short excerpt of student writing. Use your vocabulary and grammar knowledge to determine which suggestions you would make to improve his or her grammar and word choice. I really thought she loved me but I discovered her grave betrayal one afternoon. It was ...

travel and meeting planning
when youre planning a convention,which one of the following steps would you complete first? a.forming the comittees b.writing the invitation c.selecting the site d.writing the program my answer is b

college resume
Is there any way to edit or improve this? Community Service Description Grades(s) Hrs/wk wk/yr BuildOn Raised $2,000 through active fundraising and community service, donated all funds to Malawi, lived with a host 10 56 4 family for a week to fully ascertain their lifestyle, ...

Any topic (writer's choice) Research paper Science 3 pages / 825 words Discipline: Science Type of service: Writing from scratch Format or citation style: APA

Health (Ms. Sue)
1. Identify your target heart rate zone. Identify the purpose of knowing your target heart rate zone. A: My target heart rate zone is 103 to 175 beats per minute. (However, what is the purpose?) 2. "Jorge was always tired. He felt that he was always studying for an exam or ...

hello i am having trouble writing these two ionic equations. could someone explain to me how to do that? 1.)K2SO4(aq) and Na2CO3(aq).Write the ionic equation. 2.)RbCl(aq) and KOH(aq).Write the ionic equation.

What is the gerund phrase and noun function of the gerund in these sentences: 1.Brett earns his income by repairing cars. 2.I enjoy playing the piano. 3.Her favorite pastime is entertaining friends. 4.She is successful in mimicking others' voices. 5.He must like studying ...

Health (Ms. Sue)
1. Summarize the steps to designing a fitness program. A: The steps to designing a fitness program. First, you must determine your resting heart rate. Once you have determined your resting heart rate, you need to calculate your target heart rate zone. Calculating this will ...

A company with a fleet of 150 cars found that the emission systems of 7 out of 22 they tested failed to meet pollution control guidelines. Is this strong evidence that more than 20% of the fleet might be out of compliance? You are writing the null and alternative hypotheses. ...

Can someone please help me with this history!!!!!!
Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following statements describes the most common experience of Native Americans after encountering Europeans for the first time? (1 point) Native Americans thought the settlers had nothing to offer them in trade or knowledge. Native Americans ...

obituary writing
I just need one more proofread.. My question is when two people have the same last name, how would you attribute them.. IE Tom and John Hoyer.. and if you see any other mistakes feel free to address by any means.. Hoyer died on at the Warner Barry Pavilion, a long-term care ...

Hi we're practicing writing news obituaries.. This is my lead.. Can you tell me if it's ok or needs work? John Hoyer Jr., Cook County Board’s first black president, died Friday of complications from debilitating stroke suffered nearly two years earlier. He was 78.

international relations
I need help on writing a thesis statement on why this century will remain unpredictable I need it in either a realism liberalism contructism referring to international politic relations

Language arts
How did the events in Edgar Allan Poe's life affect his writing?

1. A magazine is considering the launch of an online edition. The magazine plans to go ahead only if it's convinced that more than 25% of the current readers would subscribe. The magazine contacted a simple random sample of 500 current subscribers and determine that 137 of ...

English 10th Grade
Descriptive writing (300-500words) 'by the waterside' Describe some of the people and activities that make place there.

College writing supplement edit
can someone edit this Connecticut College is easily my prime choice, as I believe that its exemplary academic and career opportunities will not only help me advance as a student, but also as a future professional English teacher. The college one chooses has a preeminent impact...

I need help writing a narrative essay

Writing equations in point-slope form: m:3, p:(-1, -2)

8th grade math
I am not sure if I did it correct, can you please check this answer for me, Ms.Sue? :) Writing equations in point-slope form: m:3, p:(-1, -2) (y-y1) = m(x-x1) y-(-2)=3(x-(-1)) y+2=3x+3 y+2-2=3x+3-2 y=3x+1

program planning
Please respond to the following questions either by writing the design name or by describing the design using standard notation (X= program, O=Observation, R=random assignment. For each design, please discuss all threats to internal validity. 1. Design: Single group post-test ...

Is the English Writing test the most difficult GED test? I find Math easy. Am I required to memorize the Science and Social Studies? or will I be provided information and is the Science and Social Studies actually a reading test? Thank You in Advance.

college admissions
I need help editing a college admission writing supplement Connecticut College is definitely my first choice, as I believe that its exemplary academic and career opportunities will not only help me develop as a student, but also as a future professional. The college you choose...

College writing supplement edit
I need help editing a college admission writing supplement Connecticut College is definitely my first choice, as I believe that its exemplary academic and career opportunities will not only help me develop as a student, but also as a future professional. The college you choose...

World History
Which best describes the earliest form of writing? 1.It uses wedge-shaped characters. 2.It is called hieroglyphics. 3.It was taught to all Mesopotamians. 4.It was created in the Indus Valley. I would say either number 2 or 3

URGENT Please remove thread as previously requested asap. Thank you. Writing Sam, Monday, October 21, 2013 at 5:46pm

(A) Consider the wave equation with c=1, l=1, u(0,t)=0, and u(l,t)=0. The initial data are: f(x)=x(1-x)2, g(x)=sin2(pi x). Find the value of the solution at x=0, t=10, and at x=1/3, t=0. Find the value of the solution at x=1/2, t=2. (B) Suppose that l=2, c=1/2. Draw the domain...

Creative writing
I've read examples (and seen movie examples), but I'm still having trouble with the idea of writing a story within a story. Basically, a girl is writing a story about a boy, and he eventually LEARNS that he's being written about. So how do I write his story with hers being ...

Will you please check my answers? 1. Which of the following is an example of new economic divisions in the European peasantry that began to occur during the fifteenth century? A. Peasants throughout Europe became poorer. B. Peasants living in the Balkans became freer. C. ...

Creative Writing
My topic is "a fictional character falls in love with its writer". I have the PERFECT ideas, but I just don't know how to write them. Does the character fall in love with ME, as the writer? Or should the story be about someone writing a book, and in THAT book, the character ...

I am so close to finishing my homework and these are the last few questions I have left. I keep trying but the program says whatever I write is incorrect. Can someone help me please? Rewrite the sentence with the direct object pronoun appropriate to replace the direct object. ...

applied logic, math
writing a program using loop structure, need the equation to produce all even numbers from 2-100 to print out each time I go through the loop

is this sentence making sense 'you meddling kids are never to trespass in my yard" im writing an essay and wondering if this sentence mak es sense

I'm writing a 5 paragraph about The Odyssey . I really need an attention graber ..

english 28
I am writing a persuasive essay on americanization and I cant think of a thesis statement

Leads for Journalism
I'm having difficulties writing a lead for my speech. My speech story will be on the Portage City Council and mayor candidates regarding the city's challenges over the next two years. All their answers were different. My lead was going to simply be: Portage City Council and ...

im writing an persuasive essay on technological advances help teens an i cant figure a thesis please help me with a thesis

I am writing a concept paper. I am suppose to pick a topic and highlight it from a macro ad micro sociological perspective. I have chosen to focus on public transportation and how the people on a train barely interact with each other. I am good on the micro part of the ...

Social studies
Was Robespierre a hero or villain? What were some of the things he did (good and bad). Im writing a multi- paragraph essay and I don't really get who he is and what he did. (Ms. Sue;)

I need help writing an english essay

Indicate the independent variable and dependent variable: A research psychologist, working in a federal prison, is asked to assess the effectiveness of a new life skills program in promoting problem-solving skills. From a pool of 70 inmate volunteers, the psychologist randomly...

complete the sentence by writing the correct form of the word shown in parentheses. You may not need to change the form that is given. 1. Is their (dissuade) Ted from attempting that difficult dive. dissuading 2. That statement is absolutely (fallacy). fallacious. 3.Dr.Kims ( ...

English 11
Match the letter of the author with his or her description. Not all letters will be used. A.William Bradford B.Captain John Smith C.Anne Bradstreet D.Olaudah Equiano E.Thomas Paine F.Thomas Jefferson 1.I wrote an account of my voyage cross on the Mayflower 2. My persuasive ...

Creative Writing
Need help describing something. I'm not good at writing horror or graphic death and such. In my story, a tree's branches basically 'come to life,' but I'm not sure what kind of details to use for the branches if they're like elastic and bend and twist like a snake. (I can see ...

I am writing a paper for Pyschology about how I have a tendency after washing my hands I have this pattern to take the paper towel or hand cloth and use it to open the door. Which psychological theory would this fall under? 1.Classical Conditioning 2. Operant Conditioning 3....

Which is correct-- 3). or 3.)? Also, when writing a list in a sentence, in which manner is correct? For example: 1). Poverty. 2). The rebellion. (Or) 1). Poverty 2). The rebellion

As German writer Goethe said, people would be better off if they realized that "as soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live."

I tried writing the opening to my article on vegetarianism and this is what I got so far. [A lot of people like to sit down at night and eat a big, juicy steak – and then there are those who prefer an organic meal without any meat. Vegetarianism is not uncommon, but it’s ...

I've started working on an article for my Journalism class about vegetarianism - pros and cons, and why or why not people at my school support it. I've gotten a few paragraphs in, but I'm having trouble on writing the lead. Any suggestions?

1. A simple random sample of FICO credit rating scores is listed below: 714 751 664 789 818 779 698 836 753 834 693 802 a. Find range, variance, and standard deviation. b. As of this writing, the mean FICO score was reported to be 678. Based on these results, is a FICO score ...

How do I start my biography? I am writing about my sister, but I don't know how to start.

Locate a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article in the Ashford University Library. This article must be an original research project published within the past five years. The study should illustrate one of the following conditioning principles: contingency, preparedness, or ...

Accounting - Writing
UOIT has recently appointed you to prepare an independent consulting report to analyze the university’s current financial position and to provide some recommendations for improvement. Before you begin your analysis, you decide to identify UOIT’s various stakeholders. ...

proposal writing for high school english
how to write a proposal in brief for a 10 marks question? What structure should be followed for just 10 marks?

English/ Writing
What are some bad compound concepts and what makes them bad?

what is writing conventions and how do i improve min

If a manufacturer has fixed costs of $ 300 , a cost per item for production of $ 60 , and expects to sell at least 100 items, how should he set the selling price to guarantee breaking even? I set up the cost function by writing 300 + 60x, but I don't know what to do next...

I am writing a personal narrative and we have to include significance like what we learned from that memory. My memory is about me getting stung by a bee in elementary school but I can't think of any significance. Help please? Thanks!

Math help
How is writing an equation to represent a situation involving two variables similar to writing an equation to represent a situation involving only one variable? How is it different?

If as writing Spanish Conquistadors, would it have to be capitalized? how about European Explorers?

Please track the errors by editing this passage of writing. This is an exercise for my English homework. I have made a couple of changes or editing to the writing piece already, but I am not sure if there are more editing that needs to be made. Also, please evaluate the ...

Please track the errors by editing this passage of writing. This is an exercise for my English homework. I have made a couple of changes or editing to the writing piece already, but I am not sure if there are more editing that needs to be made. Also, please evaluate the ...

I was humiliated when the post office called us one Sunday requesting that we pick up immediately a package of rotting food. Actually, it was just some pungent daikon (long white radish), sent by a friend who knew Papa loved eating it with rice and hot tea. But the man at the ...

social studies
how to improve writing skills?

EDU 490 Interdisciplinary Capstone
Shelby teaches 9th grade Social Studies at a small high school in the rural plains of Kansas. Most of her students are farm kids who will end up working their parents’ farms for the duration of their time in Kansas. In order to make use of the abundant knowledge related to ...

Types of Business Writing
Assigment: write a business letter according to the background. Background:Assume that you’ve worked for the last five years as an administrative assistant for the Human Resources Department of Broadworth General Hospital. The Director of Human Resources, Miriam Hopkins, has...

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