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World History (Ms. Sue)
Doyou agree with that which I have written for the topic that I was given? Describe the emergence of Romanticism in art and literature, social critisim, and the move away from Classicism in Europe. In the late seventeenth century, an intellectual movement known as the ...

Write a short paragraph that describes a discussion you recently had that demonstrates at least one of the principles of verbal communication. State the principle and explain how it applies to your example. 2.

19. In the following sentence, what is the antecedent of the pronoun "it"? The class members chose Chicago to visit because it provides the best opportunity for education and entertainment. A. Opportunity B. Chicago C. Entertainment D. Education Is it B? 20. Which part of ...

1. Which kind of adjective is used most frequently in ordinary speech or writing? A. Demonstrative B. Article C. Proper D. Common B?

Describe the end behavior for function by writing a limit expression. f(x)=2x^5-x+7

Murmur is an interesting word because both syllables are spelled the same : mur-mur. While this is an unusual, there are other words with this pattern. See how many of the words below you can guess. a) to split evenly b) a drum you beat with your hands

Business Communication
Summarize the 3x3 writing process and explain how it guides a writer

creative writing
1. Poetry that is short in length and focuses on feelings and thoughts of the speaker or narrator is called:(Points : 3) narrative lyric a ballad a haiku 2. What is the rhyme scheme of most limericks?(Points : 3) AABBA ABBBA ABCABC AAAAB 3. Which is true about most narrative ...

What was Marx's purpose in writing this essay? Does he succeed in getting his point across?

1. Both Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson were influenced by the Romantics. Choose one of the two poets. Provide at least three ways that he or she reflects Romantic thinking in his or her writing. Then give an example from one of the works that you studied in this unit that ...

composition II
• What role should outside sources play in our writing? How much of an essay you write should be your original work and how much should be from a source? How can having too much material from other sources possibly lead to plagiarism?

homework:unscramble the words on writing division exampie(the family,mother)

I have to create a piece of descriptive writing about a good day at a beach, but I am unsure on how to describe the atmosphere of the beach. Please help! Here is what I have so far:  It's the morning of somerset beach. Seagulls haver over waiting for food, whilst the sun ...

I'm having trouble writing a persona poem. Can someone explain it to me? can i get an example of persona poem? thanks:)

1. They made a mistake. 2. They made two mistakes in composition. 3. They made few misatakes in writing. 4. They made some mistakes because they didn't know how to solve the problems. 5. Don't be afraid of making mistakes when you speak English. Be bold and speak English in a ...

Criminal Justice/Report Writing
If you approach your investigative work with an attitude of eliminating potential writing problems as they arise, you will be able to: A. write a report that has no negative investigative information. B. complete investigative responsibilities by finding the truth through good...

Need help writing a birthday card with 4 types of sentences? declarative, interrogative imperative and exclamatory?

Criminal Justice/Report Writing
When an investigator writes a conclusion in an investigative report based on his or her opinion, he or she is: A. properly writing conclusions based on personal experiences. B. allowing a conclusion to be inappropriately arrived at in lieu of a conclusion based on fact. C. ...

Is "had" an example of a "to be" verb?

Criminal Justice/Writing Search Warrants
When writing the description for the property you are going to search for, the description must be detailed: A. so the average person can distinguish among similar objects in the search. B. so that only the magistrate and investigator can discern the objects of the search. C. ...

Criminal Justice/Report Writing
What is a common mistake most investigators make in the interview? A. They do not give the interviewee enough time to answer a question before asking another one. B. They break for lunch too early. C. They let an interviewee talk without interruption, which takes too long. D. ...

Criminal Justice/Report Writing
If a Miranda admonishment is needed, the generally accepted method of giving it is to: A. recite the Miranda admonishment from memory. B. give the interviewee a printed Miranda admonishment to read. C. ask the interviewee if he or she already knows the Miranda admonishment and...

Criminal Justice/Report Writing
When a violent crime is committed, the investigating officer will attempt to determine the suspect's method of operation. This should be recorded in which face sheet section? A. M.O., or modus operandi B. M.E., or method of entry C. Method of escape D. Victim selection I think...

How can u write a unit rate if a least one term is a fraction? How is this different from writing a unit rate where both terms are whole numbers?

Ms.sue look at Noo ( writing grade 4)

Please, look at Noo

Writing- grade 4
Write a personal narrative about something happened to you when you were young. I when I was young and didn't walk on my feet. I was in my bed , I stood up and I put my hand on the edge of the bed so that it doesn't fall,but dropped it,and my dad took me from the ground . I ...

I need help with writing an essay about simple questions, complicated questions, and complex questions. I need to make a topic, write 3-5 paragraphs, describe and explain, write it as an expository essay, and write one paragraph about how it helps us in every day life.

research methods grant writing
The table labeled “Brooklyn Precinct Activity Measures” shows counts of different indicators from the June 1999 Compstat report. All data are totals for the period January 1, 1999, through June 20, 1999. Notice, in the key to this table, that some indicators are based on ...

In the other 6 groups there are 21 students in each of the 6 groups. *Does this sentence make sense.

English composition
I'm writing a paper to explain a concept of the bevel Ella Minnow Pea. I've come up with a thesis statement and my teacher has approved it, but I'm just stuck as to what I'm writing about. The assignment instructions asks "How does Dunn legitimize his ideas for the reader? ...

Which of the following best explains the difference between informative and explanatory text? a. Informative provides readers a sense of why something happens, while explanatory tells the order in which something happened. b.Informative provides a reason to support an author...

Philosophy Intro to Logic
I have to write an argument in standard form before writing an essay on it. I'm using an article written by Jenny Price on news.wisc titled "Facebook profiles raise users' self-esteem and affect behavior" And here's what I have for the standard form, I just need to know if it ...

Criminal Justice/Report Writing
When a number of different witnesses provide descriptions of the suspect, it is considered: A. acceptable for speed and brevity to combine multiple descriptions into a composite description. B. good investigative tactics to combine multiple descriptions into a composite ...

8th grade; English
Which of the following best explains the difference between informative and explanatory text? a. Informative provides readers a sense of why something happens, while explanatory tells the order in which something happened. b.Informative provides a reason to support an author...

Criminal Justice/Report Writing
In the sentence, “The report was mailed to the officer,” the writer is using: A. the active voice. B. the passive voice. C. chronological order. D. first person. I am confused between A & B

8th grade language arts
Which of the following best explains the difference between informative and explanatory text? a. Informative provides readers a sense of why something happens, while explanatory tells the order in which something happened. b.Informative provides a reason to support an author...

Thesis statement
I need help writing a thesis statement about family relationships

@ words : 1- curtail 2- devastate 3- digress 4- incentive 5- incorporate 6- indispensable 7- intermittent 8- rigor 9- squander 10-succumb Linda never had to work hard to make good grades in high school. But in college, where the ___(8)___ of course work were greater, she soon ...

Which of the following should you do during your third read of the multi-draft reading process? A: Identify the author's tone and viewpoint B: Evaluate how the selection compares to another C: Examine the type of organization used in the selection D: Determine the author's ...

Patty is a paralegal at a firm organized as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). Joe, the associate attorney, comes to Patty and asks her to bill two clients for the same legal research he conducted, since it was on the same issue and would be useful for both clients. ...

Business English
You’ve applied for a specific job in your field of study. The Human Resources Department arranges an interview and tells you to bring with you a polished piece of writing for them to evaluate your writing skills. The paragraph must describe one particular experience you’ve...

Writing: Research Paper
Can "The Difference between Christianity and Religion" be a title? Or "Christianity v. Religion"?

Criminal Justice/Report Writing
A criminal investigation cannot begin until one of three things is present; these include all of the following EXCEPT: A. a crime must have occurred. B. there must be a reasonable certainty that a crime has occurred. C. the investigator must be reasonably sure a crime is going...

Criminal Justice/Report Writing
After a criminal investigator arrives on the scene of a crime, his or her first priority is: A. arresting the guilty party. B. life safety and assisting victims in need of aid. C. collecting evidence and taking photographs. D. interviewing witnesses. I am torn between answers ...

Read the paragraph below . I'll show them that I can write well , "ling thought. Back in china , she had gotten the best grades in English class . But ever since her family had moved to Florida, her reports had been coming back all marked up . Ling asked her teacher if there ...

Criminal Justice/Report Writing
Which of the following is one of the reasons the Uniform Crime Reporting Program __________ in 1982? A. was renamed the Summary Data Reporting System B. discontinued collecting and tracking statistics C. was revised D. broke ties with the FBI I am torn between A & C.

Scores on a national writing exam are approximately normally distributed, with a mean of 490 and a standard deviation of 20. Consider random samples of size 25 from the population of test takers. describe the sampling distribution of a sample mean. shape mean= standard ...

Creative Writing
What are some effective ways you can become better writer?

General Math I
Hi Ms. Sue this is Shayna here. I am writing you this time, because I am very confused in a question of a test I just took this was the question Susan wants to buy a paddle boat for $840. She will pay 20% down and pay the rest in six monthly installments. What will be the ...

Language Arts
Why does the author of"Making Tracks on Matt's"sometimes use the pronouns we and us when he is writing about the rovers? A. He and the rovers are on the same spacecraft. B. There are hundreds of people involved in the mission. C. He and his team identify strongly with the ...

English Writing
Can you help me write a persuasive paragraph? The topic is about 'Disposal Food'

Language Arts
Which of the following should you do during your third read of the multi-draft reading process? a.identify the author's tone and viewpoint b.evaluate how the selection compares to another c. examine the type of organization used in the selection d. determine the author's ...

Which of the following should you do during your third read of the multi-draft reading process? a.identify the author's tone and viewpoint b.evaluate how the selection compares to another c. examine the type of organization used in the selection d. determine the author's ...

Language Arts
Which of the following should you do during your third read of the multi-draft reading process? A. Identify the authors tone and viewpoint. B. Evaluate how the selection compares to another. C. Examine the type of organization used in the selection. D. Determine the author's ...

If the product of 4 consecutive integers is equal to one of the integers, what is the largest possible value of one of the integers? The answer is 3, but I do not understand how it is 3. I tried writing out 4 consecutive #'s such as 1,2,3,4 or 0,1,2,3. 0 x 1 x 2 x 3 = 0

in the book "passing" by Nella Larsen, how is each character trapped? I was thinking about writing how they are in a way trapped within themselves, and have internal conflicts. Would that qualify as them being trapped?

I have to write a 5 paragraph comparison and contrast essay on Agamemnon, Hamlet, and The Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock. When writing this, do I compare all three stories at once in each paragraph as well as their differences in each of the 3 body paragraphs?

how do i write a direct address poem? ugh i don't know to when start :(

write a real world problem that you can solve by writing an equation.the answer to the problem must be 6.

World History Answer Check (Ms. Sue)
1. Why did employers feel the need to discipline factory workers? A: Employers felt the need to discipline factory workers because they wanted to ensure that all workers were performing at their maximum output. 2. Why was the railroad important to the industrialization of the ...

writing to explain write a story problem using ten $100 bills,nine$10 bills,and twenty $1 bills.

World History (Ms. Sue)
This is my finished paper. Please, give me your honest opinion. I don't have very much confidence in my writing this time. Do you agree with that which I have written? Should I make any improvements or revise anything? Does it all make sense? List the principles of the Magna ...

Wolrd History (Ms. Sue)
This is the final post I will post about this. However, what do you think of this as a whole? Does my writing require any improvements? Does it flow smoothly? Do you agree with my statements? I may seem a little paranoid about this, but I'm not very skilled at writing papers ...

How would you carry out the conversations below? give two possible reactions you could use in each case, writing an equation for each reaction. a) 3,3-dimethylbut-1-ol to 3,3-dimethybutylchloride. b) cyclohexanol to cyclohexyl chloride. I think I've got this one and need help ...

I am writing a report for marketing and have to create a fictional business. My first business was a clothing store. I need an idea for another business. I was thinking maybe a candy store, or a water ice store. Are they considered retail ? Do you think those would be easy to ...

I have to wirte an essay ,about 300 words on ''A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots'' Marcus Gravey I have really no diea where to start, thank you for the help

Algebra ll
X^2 - 25/2 AND 37/K^2-K-30 I really need help with these two problems.? •Explain in your own words what the meaning of domain is. Also, explain why a denominator cannot be zero. •Find the domain for each of your two rational expressions. •Write the domain of each ...

english is not my first language ,plz help i m writing an essay .. In order to prevent the risk factor of social media, parents should involve in children social media and other online issues. .Parent should win the confidence of their children and encourage them tell ...

help on thesis writing

Which choice best describes the underlined word or words in each sentence? The ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, and Chinese each developed a unique system of writing. Underlined is: Sumerians Egyptians Chinese A- simple subject B- compound subject C- complete subject D- none of ...

What is discourse convention? Please give some examples.

writing/ macolm
What new life did Malcolm pursue i n Roxbury, Massachusetts? What changes were visible in Malcolm’s clothing? What were the most negative consequences f or Malcolm in choosing that lifestyle? During his incarceration, what did Malcolm do?

I'm sorry but after asking for help and looking up several websites on how to write a really good thesis statement, I don't think I can make one. So I am asking can you please help me by writing it. I tried but I came up with three terrible ones. In “When Grizzlies Walked ...

Reading/language arts
Write a sentence for the given topic, using a form of one of the following linking verbs in each sentence: smell, sound, feel, taste, grow. Use at least one predicate noun or predicate adjective in each sentence. 1) (dificulty or ease of writing) can you please help me by ...

Think of a 135 digit number formed by writing the first 72 natural number side by side in a string.(i.e.) 1 2 3………70 71 72. Find the remainder when it is divided by 12. a. 2 b. 9 c. 0 d. 5

Though it is a history essay, my question has to do with writing and essay. The following is what I submitted for an essay and was told it was good but it lacked an introduction and thesis. My first paragraph is what I thought was a sufficient introduction and thesis. Could ...
a person starts writing all 4 digit numbers .how many times had he written the digit 2

I'm writing an essay about stating my position on whether everyday people can be considered heroes. Can someone give me some ideas of what each paragraph should be about? Like how should I make it flow? Please help

Urgent english help
I'm writing an English persuasive essay and I'm wanting to put a quote from a person as the thesis. How would I quote it? Do I quote it then put the name of person in parentheses? Please help me thanks!

Diversity & world culture
I have to do an ethnographic study and its my first time. I have to do a naturalistic observation and evaluation paper. can you tell me how that is written or what it consist of? does it consist of title,intro,body,conclusion, and bibliography? Where does my observation notes ...

Show that the set [(3,-2,4),(1,2,-1), (-6,4,-8) is linearly dependent by writing a non-trivial liner combination of the vectors that equals the zero vector. After some calculations I got t1=2, t2=0 and t3=1, but its my understanding that if a set is dependent, none of the t's ...

Linear Algebra
Show that the set [(3,-2,4),(1,2,-1), (-6,4,-8) is linearly dependent by writing a non-trivial liner combination of the vectors that equals the zero vector. After some calculations I got t1=2, t2=0 and t3=1, but its my understanding that if a set is dependent, none of the t's ...

1. Choose the answer that identifies the form of the verb in the sentence. Cindy is painting her room purple. present present participle past past participle Question 2. Choose the answer that identifies the tense of the verb in the sentence. Has the rain stopped yet? past ...

what really is a paragraph writing I don't understand plz help thank you

The ones with ** ** around the answer choices is what I picked 1.Find the best word to complete the sentence. Because of the camera's precision, linesmen at national tennis competitions are now ___ from error in determining if a ball lands in or out of the court. A.**absolved...

Sorry again but I am terrible at math and I need help help writing this prob into an equation: 50 pounds of potato salad cost $39.50 and 50 pounds of bean salad cost $23.50. What was the difference in costs of the salads?

I need help writing an equation for this problem: for the school barbeque, room 107 bought 50 pounds of hot dogs for $69.50. How much did the hot dogs cost per pound?

Why were eastern American Indians more adaptable to the “civilizing” influence of Christian missions while Plains Indians were less adaptable? A. Eastern American Indian belief systems resembled Christianity much more than Plains Indian belief systems, which tended to be ...

One important outcome of Edwin James’ expedition reports is that __________. A.illustrations of bison encouraged Americans to hunt them to near extinction B.accounts of rich, fertile soil encouraged Americans to settle the land C.descriptions of inhospitable land discouraged...

Does Alka-Seltzer dissolve faster in hot or cold water? background: give information about why this lab is important, what key principles are involved and explain them. i need 2 paragrpahs so i was thinking on writing a bit on what alka seltzer is but idk what else to put

Bing (common search engine) iSEEK Education (academic search engine) MetaLib metasearch engine) ( What types of information did each search provide? Discuss what features you like and dislike about each of the search engines.

Actions for Use of narrativesBrainstorm uses for writing narratives at school, in your daily life, and on the job. You can choose your own career field or someone else's career field. Please include very specific information as to what you might include in these types of ...

Write a one-paragraph narrative about yourself in the first person point of view. Revise your narrative using the third person point of view.

Poetry Check Please?
In my writing group, we all received something to write a poem about, and a paragraph or so on why we did how we did. I received Depression/Suicidal Thoughts. Suicide Love Letter This is a love letter To my blade Thank you honey For showin me im sane This is my love letter To ...

In an informal letter, is writing just Bonjour! or Salut! without a name acceptable?

Oral language development between the ages of 3 and 6 includes all of the following except End of exam A. learning to use language expressively with others. B. developing phonological awareness. C. building a strong receptive vocabulary. D. writing argumentative essays. my ...

computer science
The problem is to calculate the usable area in square feet of a house. Assume that the house has a maximum of four rooms, and that each room is rectangular. I need help writing a program description,analysis,test,and with pseuocode with it.

exam three americangov section 3
What is the meaning of the cartoon? 5.0/5.0 A. Street mimes deserve their constitutional rights. B. The powers of Congress are limited. C. The powers of Congress are unlimited. D. Many federal laws tend to be unfair. Question 2 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points What is the theoretical ...

writing to explain explain how to subtract 7.6 from 20.39

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