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Math 6b

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The spinner is divided into equal parts. Use a tree diagram to find the probability that the spinner will land on a consonant the first time and a vowel the second time if the spinner is spun twice

My spinner has 3 parts, N E and U


I think the answer is A. thank you

  • Math 6b - ,

    Your question says that the spinner is divided into four equal parts.
    Then you say "My spinner has 3 parts"

    So which is it ?

  • Math 6b - ,

    my question said my spinner has equal parts not four equal parts. it is 3.

  • Math 6b - ,

    thank you

  • Math 6b - ,

    You are right!

    I can't draw a tree diagram on here, but I can show the math.

    Prob(consonant on first spin)
    = 1/3

    Prob(vowel on 2nd spin)
    = 2/3

    prob(event as stated)
    = (1/3)(2/3)
    = 2/9

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