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A particle of mass 40
40kg moves in a straight line such that the force (in newtons) acting on it at time,t (in seconds) is given by, 160t^4-320t^2-360

at time t=0, v is given by v(0)=10, and its position x is given by x(0)=14. What is the position of the particle at time t?

I have that v(t) will be ((4t^5/5)-(8t^3/3)-9t+v0)

Bit stick where to go from here?

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    Now, use the fact that v(0) = 10
    (4t^5/5)-(8t^3/3)-9t+v0 = 10 at t=0
    So, v0 = 10, and thus

    v(t) = (4t^5/5)-(8t^3/3)-9t+10

    Now go on to x(t), using x(0) to find the constant of integration.

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