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A box weighing 20N, resting on a ramp, is kept at equilibrium by a 4-N force at an angle of 20 to the ramp, together with a frictional force of 5N, parallel to the surface of the ramp. Determine the angle of elevation of the ramp.

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    Wt. of box = 20 N.

    Fp1 = 4*Cos20 = 3.76 N. = Force acting Parallel to ramp(upward).

    Fp2 = 20*sin A = Force acting parallel to ramp(downward).

    Fp2-Fs-Fp1 = 0.
    20*sin A-5-3.76 = 0. Equilibrium.
    A = ?.

    20*sin A-5-3.76 = 0.
    20*sin A = 8.76,
    A = 10.8o. = Angle of elevation.

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