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Can someone please help check my answers I'm not the best in English and need help.

In the following four assessment items, choose the sentence in which the appositive or appositive phrase is essential to the sentence and punctuated correctly.

(1 point)
A) Arthur Ashe, a world famous tennis champion was born in Virgina.
B) Arthur Ashe, a world famous tennis champion, was born in Virgina. ***

(1 point)
A) Edward P. Weston a long-distance walker, lived in New England in 1860.
B) Edward P. Weston, a long-distance walker,lived in New England in 1860. ***

(1 point)
A) This trip, the result of an election bet, took ten day.***
B) This trip the result, of an election bet, took ten days.

(1 point)
A) Prime Minister Winston Churchill was victorious.
B) Prime Minister, Winston Chirchill, was victorious. ***

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    The last one is incorrect. "Prime Minister" is the title, like "Dr." or "Mr.," or "President Obama". No comma is needed. The others are correct! Good work!

    If the sentence was "The prime minister, Winston..." the commas to set of the name would be needed. Then it's an appositive.

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    Thank you so much Reed I am glad I came on for help I appreciate you explain to me why that was as well now I understand!

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