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Language Arts

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“Train Tune” by - Louise Bogan

Back through clouds
Back through clearing
Back through distance
Back through silence

Back through groves
Back through garlands
Back by rivers
Back below mountains

Back through lightning
Back through cities
Back through stars
Back through hours

Back through plains
Back through flowers
Back through birds
Back through rain

Back through smoke
Back through noon
Back along love
Back through midnight

2. What aspect of the experience of train travel are the sound devices in “Train Tune” meant to imitate?

A. the experience of eating in the dining car
B. the sound of the conductor passing from car to car
C. the changing landscape outside the windows
D. the rhythm of the train as it passes over the tracks

I said it was D, but, someone told me it was wrong.

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    I think it's D.

    The question asks about sound devices. D is the only answer that relates to rhythmic sound.

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    You said it was B the last time. B is wrong. D is correct.

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    5. Which situation uses the word “fathom” in the same way it is used in the poem “Full Fathom Five”?

    A. when determining the best path to take on your bicycle
    B. when figuring out how deep a sunken ship is ***
    C. when deciding how long a flight across the country will take
    D. when measuring the length of a car route using a map

    “Fathom” is a NOUN, meaning – unit of length used to measure the depth of water

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    Yes. We went through this question a while ago. Why are you posting it again?

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    Sorry, but, I don't think you answered it.

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    Yes, I did. You did not make a choice last time only provided the definition of the word "fathom". Read the answers carefully.

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    Ã…hhhh, vilket himla underbart bord.Har mÃ¥nga gÃ¥nger kikat in pÃ¥ dina länkar och fastnat för din goda smak, mÃ¥nga klick genom att läsa din blogg har det ocksÃ¥ allt blivit. Nu önskar jag att jag i stället skulle fÃ¥ ha turen att vinna mig nÃCis.¥tsti

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