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Posted by Julia on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at 10:08pm.

1. How many seconds do you spend in school during the week (6.5 hours/day)?

2. How many micrograms are in 12 dekagrams?

3. How many centimeters are in 5 kilometers?

4. 3.25 liters are equal to how many kiloliters?

5. how man meters are in 0.65 hectometers?

6. How many grams are in 10.6 dekagrams?

7. 30,000 decimeters are equal to how many dekameters?

8. How many micrometers are in .025 centimers?

9. How many decigrams are in .45 grams?

10. How many milligrams are in 1.37 hectograms?

11. 12.6 deciliters are equal to how many liters?

12. 8,300 milligrams are equal to how many grams?

13. How many decimeters are in 4.7 meters?

14. 100 centimers are equal to how many meters?

15. If you have been alive for 504,576,000 seconds, how old are you (years)?

I have my answers but don't feel like typing them. Can someone answer all these so I can match them up. Thx (:

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