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Advanced Math

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1.Tasha believes that she can rewrite the difference 120-36 as a product of the GCF of the two numbers and another difference.Is she correct?Explain your answer.
2.Explain how to find the GCF of three numbers
3.Xiao's teacher asked him to rewrite the sum 60+90 as the product of the GCF of the two numbers and a sum. Xiao wrote 3(20+30). What mistakes did Xiao make? How should he have written the sum?

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    As long as the GCF is not 1, then since the GCF divides both numbers, it divides their difference.

    For three numbers, extend the method as for two. Fins all the prime factors and their powers, and pick the highest power of each prime that appears in all three lists.

    3 is not GCF(60,90)

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    Written in more "mathematically friendly language"

    Factor fully:
    120 - 36

    = 12(10 - 3)

    - express each number in factored form
    - Your GCF consists of the products of all the factors found in ALL three numbers

    e.g. 60 , 84, and 150
    60 = 2x2x3x5
    84 = 2x2x3x7
    150 = 2x3x5x5
    GCF or HCF = 2x3 = 6

    See # 1.
    Xiao's teacher is only confusing his/her students by this strange wording,
    How about just asking to "factor fully"
    = 30(2 + 3)

    btw, Xiao did not make a mistake, she simply did not complete her solution.
    What she had so far is correct.

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    1 y es

    2 mĂșltiple one by one

    3 there is no three

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    why are you using 150 in the second example isn't it supposed to be 120?

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