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I have three questions that I need help to answer.
1) a balloon on the end of a string attached to the ground is being blown by the wind. If the ballon us 12.75 m above the ground and the string makes an angle of 48 degrees to the horizontal, what is the length of the string, rounded to two decimal places?

2) A ramp is 9.4 m long and joins two levels, one 3.1 m higher than the other. What angle does the ramp make with the lower level, rounded to one decimal place?

3) A lifeguard on watch at a beach spots a shark at an angle of depression of 9 degrees. If the lifeguard views the shark from a height (to his eye-level) of 16 m above sea-level, what is the horizontal distance between the life guard and the shark to the nearest meter?

  • Trigonometry -

    Looks like time to review the basic trig functions. It always helps to draw a diagram.

    (1) 12.75/x = sin 48°
    (2) sin x = 3.1/9.4
    (3) 16/x = tan 9°

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