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NEED HELP On a flat battle ground, a catapult is used to launch a rock with a velocity of 25m/s at angle 30 degrees above the horizontal.?
Sketch the situation and decompose the initial velocity vector. WHat are the initial values for Vx and Vy?

Calculate the maximum height achieved by the rock

calculate the range

calculate the rock's velocity (magnitude and direction) 2.0 seconds after the launch

  • Physics -

    Vo = 25m/s[30o]
    Vx = 25*cos30 = 21.65 m/s.
    Vy = 25*sin30 = 12.50 m/s.

    h=(V^2-Vy^2)/2g=(0-(12.5^2)/-19.6=7.97 m

    Range = Vo^2*sin(2A)/g
    Range = 25^2*sin(60)/9.8 = 55.23 m.

    V=Vy + g*t = 12.50 + (-9.8*2) = -7.1m/s

    21.65 - 7.1i=22.78m/s[-18.16o]=Velocity
    2 seconds after the launch.

    Note: The hor. component of velocity
    does not change.

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