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1. All of the following define the theme of a story EXCEPT (1 point)
the central idea of a work
the underlying message in literature
the methods of characterization employed by the writer
the lesson, or moral, of the story which can be inferred by readers
2. Which of the following ideas represent themes explored in "Day of the Butterfly?" (2 points)
the rewards of kindness
the importance of dedicated teachers
the brutality of outdated medical practices
the intended and unintended cruelty of others
3. Which of the following quotes from the story best communicates the author's message about friendship? (1 point)
"I could not afford to be seen walking with her, and I did not even want to - but, on the other hand, the
flattery of those humble, hopeful turnings was not lost on me."
"I realized the pledge as our fingers touched; I was panicky, but all right."
"And I do not know when it was, but I think it was probably at this moment that the birthday party of
Myra Sayla became fashionable."
"We began to talk of her as if she were something we owned, and her party became a cause..."
Identify the adjectives in the following sentence.
4. Argyles are patterned socks named after a Scottish clan. (2 points)
For questions 56, identify the adjectives in the following sentences.
5. The furniture in the living room is very expensive. (2 points)
6. A vase sat in the middle of the banquet table. (1 point)

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