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1. In “At the Tourist Centre in Boston,” the speaker's tone can best be identified as (1 point)
2. Which line from the poem best supports the tone identified above? (1 point)
"the green of the trees dulled;"
"where two children pose with a father"
"Whose dream is this, I would like to know:"
"I seem to remember people,"
Read the following lines from the poem.
"and the mother is cooking something
in immaculate slacks by a smokeless fire,
her teeth white as detergent"
3. What is the most likely reason the mother’s teeth are described in this way? (1 point)
to create an appearance of happiness
to form an image of family togetherness
to contrast with the grayness of the fire
to highlight the unrealistic nature of the scene
For question 4, identify the correct verb phrase that completes the sentence.
4. Every time my family went to the circus, my grandmother would tell me the story of a lion tamer that _________ a
cage with 15 lions and tame them all. (1 point)
have entered
could enter
did enter
would entered

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