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The ratio of guppies to angelfish in a shop was 2:3. The number of angelfish was 2/3 the number of gold fish. The shopkeeper decided to replace 1/4 of the guppies with some angelfish. The number of angelfish in the end. How many guppies were in the shop in the beginning?

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    I don't understand the sentence The number of angelfish in the end.

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    I believe your previous post said that there were then 30 more guppies than in the beginning.

    That means that there were 120 to begin with, since adding 1/4 of 120 means adding 30.

    However, that leaves us nothing to do with the goldfish or angelfish. I suspect you have still garbled the question. How about doing some careful proofreading? Also, no need to make a new posting again. Just add to this one.
    Both versions of the problem just wander off into nonsense.

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