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A projectile is fired with an initial speed of 65.2 m/s at an angle of 34.5 degree above the horizontal on a long flat firing range. Determine
(a) The maximum height reached by the projectile,
(b) The total time in the air,
(c) The total horizontal distance covered (that is, the range), and
(d) The velocity of the projectile 1.50 s after firing.

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    do vertical problem

    find Vi, initial speed up
    Vi = 65.2 sin 34.5

    find t where v = 0, top of curve
    v = Vi - 9.81 t
    0 = Vi - 9.81 t
    solve for t, time at top, half the time in the air

    max height
    h = 0 + Vi t - 4.9 t^2

    now horizontal problem
    u = 65.2 * cos 34.5 the whole time
    range = u*time in air = u (2 t)

    horizontal component = u the whole time
    vertical component = v = Vi - 9.81 (1.5)

    speed = sqrt (u^2 + v^2)
    tan angle to horizontal = v/u

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