March 27, 2017

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1) Write the translation that maps P(-4, 2) onto the point P ' (-1, -1)?

2) What are the coordinates of the reflection of the point (5,1) over the line y = x?

3) The coordinate notation for reflection over the y-axis is -?-.

4) If a translation has a coordinate notation of (x, y) -->(x + 1, y –3),
then what is the image of (5, -7)

5) (3, -4) is reflected over the y = 0, what is the image?

6)(3, -4) is reflected over the x = 2, what is the image?

7) If a translation has a coordinate notation of (x, y) à(x - 3, y + 5), then the figure will move

  • geometry help!! answer all questions!! please - ,

    Posting a whole homework assignment with no evidence of any attempt on your part will get you scant help here. Surely you have covered the relevant material, so you must have some ideas on at least some of the problems...

    The hints I posted earlier should get you started on most of them. Evidently you just want someone to do all of your work for you.

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