December 20, 2014

Homework Help: To Ms. Sue

Posted by Shayna on Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 9:39am.

Ms. Sue Hi!
Im not sure if you will be able to help me with this one, since is Math homework, but this time is just to confirm if Im right

the question is:
What is 1,112,433 rounded to the nearest ten thousand?
A. 1,120,000
B. 1,100,000
C. 1,110,000
D. 1,200,000

I picked B
because based on my study guide "Rounding numbers to the nearest hundred...the digit immediately to the
right of the 1 in this case...since is
less than 5, stay the same...and all the
digits to the right of the 1 change to zeros..." that means that 1,112,433 become 1,100,000... but don't make sense to me, because if I need to pay 1,112,433 let's say 1,100,000 is less than the original amount what it makes me believe that Im wrong...or Im over thinking?

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