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Andee has a mass of 68.5 kg on earth. What is his weight on Earth? What should his mass be in order to have the same weight at the surface of the moon?

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    weight (force) = mg
    Look up g if you don't know it.

    Now, divide that by the relative gravity of the moon. For example, if the moon has 1/2 the gravity of earth, you will need double the mass for the same weight.

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    I have this assignment too right now,and can't answer it..because the gravity of earth in the moon is not given:(

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    W = mg
    W = (68.5 kg) (9.8 m/s^2)
    W = 671 N

    m = W/g
    m = 671N/9.8 m/s^2
    m = 68.5 kg

    Lols. Not really sure about the answer on the mass because there's no given gravity of the moon.

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