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1. In order to make 250mL of a 0.100 M HNO3 solution from a 15.9 M stock solution, then _____mL if the 15.9 M stock HNO3 solution is needed.

M1V2=M2V2, solve for V2.
(0.100M * 250mL)/ 15.9M = 1.6mL

1.6mL-250= -248.4

Did I do this correctly?

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    Two picky points here.

    1. You have 3 significant figures in 0.100 and three in 15.9 (and I'm calling 250 3 although some would call that only two since there is no decimal after the zero) so I would keep 3 in the answer and not round it to 1.6 (that is about 1.57 or so).
    2. The question asks for mL of the 15.9M solution which you answered. You gave additional information about the amount of water to add to make up the 150 mL. However, fluids are not additive although at this concn I don't think there will be any difference but I always say, "Add 1.67 of the stock solution to a 250 mL volumetric flask and add distilled water to the mark of the volumetric flask." That may or may not be 248.4 mL but you really don't care how much H2O it is. If you follow those directions you will ALWAYS have the right concentration and it makes no difference, if done this way, if the volume of the two solutions are or are not additive.

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