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Red Jacket and Tecumseh in their respective speeches (again, as translated and transcribed), make frequent reference to “brothers” and brotherhood. Why such emphasis, at that historical moment, upon fraternity and unity? CAN SOMEONE CHECK MY ANSWER TO SEE IF I ANSWER THE QUESTION RIGHT


Red Jacket and Tecumseh in their respective speeches make frequent reference to “brothers” and brotherhood. They emphasized this since at this time there was American revolutionary war and both Red Jacket and Tecumseh were Native Americans and they were to be forced to leave the land.

The two were leaders in their respective clans and thus they led the campaign of negotiating with the American government to stop the war and save the lives of their people. They argued that they were one family and thus should live in harmony as brothers with the indigenous Americans. In their speeches they stressed on togetherness and the end of the American revolutionary war.

Both Red Jacket and Tecumseh supported the British government in their quest to control America. That made it had to convince the indigenous Americans on observance of brotherhood and harmony among themselves. Red Jacket was a renowned orator and he used his works to spread messages of brotherhood and harmony between the Native American and the indigenous American.


In conclusion, Red Jacket and Tecumseh emphasized on fraternity and unity of the different races since they knew that they were in foreign land and thus were aliens. They wanted the indigenous Americas to accept and live with them. The revolutionary war made the American to gain their independence from the hands of the British rule.

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    disunity or lack of confederation amongst various tribes caused considerable weakness in their profile as "THE" indian nation as WHOLE... thus they were dismembered and placed on reservations.. by 1825 the last major tribes were sent across the MISSISSIPPI RIVER.. WESTWARD.

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