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physical sciences

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A cliff diver,mass 75kg,free falls off a cliff that is 50m above the water surface.He hits the water surface and stops 5m under the surface.calculate:

4.1 The net force while free falling.
4.2 The divers' velocity when he reaches the water surface.
4.3 calculate the time it takes the water to stop the diver.

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    net force when falling= zero

    velocity at water hit: 1/2 m v^2=mg*50
    v= sqrt(100g)

    time to stop in water is rather complicated, unless you assume the acceleration is constant at hitting until stopping (a ridiculous assumption), and that force is constant (another ridiculous assumption).

    With those assumptions
    Vf^2=Vi^2+2ad where a= force/mass
    solve for force

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