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advance algebra

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A doll can make a Jennifer doll at a cost of $35 per doll. if the selling price of the doll is x pesos and the number of dolls sold per month is 500-x.

a. express the monthly profit in dollars as a function of x.

b. if the selling price of the doll is $85, determine the monthly profit. use the result in no.1

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    profit = revenue - cost
    revenue = price * quantity. So,

    p(x) = x(500-x)-35x

    Now just plug in your data

  • advance algebra - oops -

    Oops mixed up price and quantity

    p(x) = x(500-x)-35(500-x)
    = (x-35)(500-x)

    assuming no extra dolls are made...

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    thanks... :)

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