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Posted by Liz on Sunday, July 20, 2014 at 2:01pm.

A calorimeter is filled with 10.0 millimole (mmole) of methane gas and an excess of oxygen. When burned, the ignition wire releases 140.77 J of heat. The heat capacity of the calorimeter is 4.319 KJ°C-1. qwire= 140.77 J
Calculate ΔHcomb. Recall that ideal gas law is PV=nRT where R=0.08206 Latm/molK (since you are working with atm not kPa) and the temperature is in Kelvin
Ccal= 4.319 KJ°C-1
Initial temp= 21.1 degrees celsius
Final temp= 23.4 degrees celsius
v= 271 mL
P= 1.000 atm

I calculated delta H and got 979 KJ. I'm also not sure why ideal gas law formula would be used

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