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Shantle and Kwamie are planning to buy their first home. Although they are excited about the prospect of being homeowners, they are also a little frightened. A mortgage payment for the next 30 years sounds like a huge commitment. They visited a few developments and scanned the real estate listings of per owned homes, but they really have no idea how much a mortgage payment would be on a $150,000, $175,000, or $200,000 loan. They have come to you advice.

After you explain to then that they can borrow money at different amounts of time, Shantel and Kwamie ask you to complete a chart indicating what the monthly mortgage payment would be under some possible interest rates and borrowing periods. They also went to know what their total interest would be on each if they chose a 25-year loan. Complete the chart.
Amount 6.25% 6.5% 6.75% 7% total interest
borrowed 15 yrs 20 yrs 25 yrs 30 yrs Paid

2. If Shantel and Kwamie made a down payment of $200,000 or a $175,000 home, what would be their monthly mortgage payment assuming they finance for 25 years at 6.75%? How much would they save on each monthly payment by making the down payment? How much interest would they save over the life of the loan?

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