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Posted by Jack on Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 8:28pm.

Words to choose from: Credible, Cursory, Designate, Deviate, Improvise, Interim, Latent, Secular, Shun, Simulate……
I remember so well the time my mother’s back injury prevented her from going to church with my brother and me. For five weeks, we were supposed to go ourselves. Zack and I back then preferred (1) ______(Secular) activities to religious ones, so we decided to (2)______(cursory) church while Mom was recovering. We(3)______(e)d(Credible) the churchgoers she wanted us to be by getting dress every Sunday in our good clothes and leaving home and returning at the right times. We spent the (4) _____ (Interim) at a restaurant or at the movies. Of course, we knew Mom would question us about the service. Each week one of us was (5) _____(Improvise) (e)d to invent a sermon. I thought Zack’s sermons sounded not only (6) _____,(Simulate) but also inspiring. I, conversely, tended to (7) ____(Latent) on the spot and didn’t sound so believable. But Mom never seemed to notice how weak my sermons were or how (8)_____(Deviate) our answers were when she asked whom we’d seen and what news we’d heard. Finally, she was ready to attend church again. Over dinner Saturday evening, she began what seemed to be an innocent conversation. Gently, but showing a previously (9 ) _____(Shun) talent for cross –examination that could have made her a star attorney, she questioned us in a quiet but relentless manner about our “church-going”. The more she persisted, the more Zack and I stumbled and (10)_______(e)d(Designate) from our official story. We eventually concluded we were caught, and the realization mortified us. Looking downward in shame, we divulged all the details of our “secret” scheme. We felt pretty foolish when we learned she’d known all along that we had never set foot in church.

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