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1. During the ______, the writings and art of Ancient Greeks were rediscovered.
2. ______ is the study of religious faith, practice and experience.
3. Renaissance thinkers promoted _______, individualism, and secularism.
4. _______ is the idea that people should be more interested in advancing their lives on earth than in worrying about getting to heaven.
5. _____ is the birthplace of the Renaissance.
6. Dissatisfied with the church, Martin Luther started the ____ Reformation.
7. Martin Luther made use of the _____ to allow people to study the bible for themselves.
8. New advances in _____ helped explorers travel the world.
9. During the Renaissance, _____ was made from cotton and linen rags mashed into a pulp.
10. To make a print, Renaissance artists first carved a ____ into a surface such as wood.

Printing press

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